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Minting of the second collection of Golden State Warriors NFTs opened in April 2022, in collaboration with FTX US exchange.

The first Warriors NFT drop took place shortly after the team partnered with in December 2021, and this is a follow up.

At the time Warriors CEO and president Brandon Schneider commented:

‘Cryptocurrency has a well-established worldwide community and is going to continue to be a major part of the sports, media and entertainment industries. In our conversations with FTX, we quickly realized our joint desire to innovate around cryptocurrency integration and adoption, including the role NFTs play in global fan engagement.’

The Golden State Warriors became the first sports team to release an NFT drop, and hold the record for the most expensive sports NFT, which was a World Championship Ring NFT sold for 285 ETH (over $870,000 in USD).

Warriors player Steph Curry has been a noted fan of NFTs, buying a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT and even releasing his own non-fungible tokens. Curry is considered one of the best point guards in basketball history and is an eight-time NBA all star, twice named MVP.

Other areas of the sports world are also getting into NFTs, with the Australian Cricket Association announcing an NFT drop this month.

Boxer Dillian Whyte became an ambassador for Lucky Block’s token and NFT range ahead of his heavyweight title fight with Tyson Fury this weekend.

New Warriors NFT Drop

More details of the minting can be found at the website A statement there reads:

‘The Golden State Warriors 2022 Playoff NFT Collection is a limited collection of 2,999 NFTs made up of 11 unique designs, randomly assigned when minted on the Solana blockchain via FTX.

Each design has a unique level of rarity with its own utility and benefits. This collection was designed by Seriously Fun, a design studio who specialize in web3 and transformative creative direction, pushing the limits of what’s possible in these exciting emergent spaces.’

Golden State Warrior NFT owners receive exclusive access to the Warriors Discord community, Warriors merchandise, whitelist access to future drops, and can unlock prizes based on their NFT’s rarity such as autographed memorabilia, jerseys, and additional NFTs.

One of the NFTs that can be purchased at auction is a special edition Gold Bar All Access Pass, which allows the owner to sign a one-day contract with the Golden State Warriors, becoming honorary captain for the day and touring a Warriors basketball court practice session.

Other Warriors NFTs take the form of varsity jackets, golden basketball hoops, 3D court artworks, banners, rings, placards, pins, foam fingers, and more.

FTX signed a sponsorship deal with the Warriors and Stephen Curry in 2021 and has since grown to be one of the most popular crypto exchanges open to the United States, alongside Coinbase and eToro.

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