Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs, the leading digital marketplace for Bitcoin non-fungible tokens, has launched a new no-code creator feature allowing crypto users with Bitcoin addresses to easily create Bitcoin-native NFTs using satoshi’s ordinal theory.

In a February 9 press release, the Bitcoin NFT Marketplace confirmed launching its highly anticipated creator platform on Stack. The new feature will allow crypto users holding Bitcoin addresses to create ordinal NFTs.

Founded in November 2021, is an open marketplace for Bitcoin-secured non-fungible tokens hosted on Bitcoin programming layer Stack. Gamma features three core platforms that allow users to explore and collect NFTs in minutes.

Even though the Gamma NFT market platform began pioneering its no-code creator tool last year, the Ordinal NFTs came into the spotlight last month. At the time, Casey Rodarmor, a renowned Bitcoin developer, announced plans to launch new NFTs on the Bitcoin net dubbed “Inscriptions.”

According to the whitepaper, the new Ordinal NFTs are produced by inscribing Satoshi’s Bitcoin creation concept with the content for digital artifacts using Ordinal theory. The Ordinal Theory Handbook state:

“Individual satoshis can be inscribed with arbitrary content, creating unique Bitcoin-native digital artifacts that can be held in Bitcoin wallets and transferred using Bitcoin transactions. Inscriptions are as durable, immutable, secure, and decentralized as Bitcoin itself.”

In recent weeks, Bitcoin-native NFTs have gained mainstream adoption within the crypto community. Despite the surge in interest, the process of creating them has been very complex and time-consuming.

But interestingly, according to founder Jamil Dhanani, the new no-code platform will remove existing barriers and make Ordinal creation more seamless. In a short statement, Dhanani stated:

“We’re excited to take this step in furthering the adoption of NFTs on the most secure chain, Bitcoin. Our no-code creator platform makes ordinal NFTs more accessible to anyone with a Bitcoin address.”

In the meantime, the new Bitcoin NFT creator is live on stacks programming and scaling layer for Bitcoin and ready for mainstream adoption. According to, the new platform will enhance Bitcoin’s level of trust and decentralization.

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