Girles project news

Groundbreaking metaverse, Girles, announces the launch of its NFT GameFi token, GIRLES, with the possible income to investors in the early stages up to 207.05%

It is looking like good times for forward-thinking crypto investors, especially the ones that have jumped on the Girles Token train early, with reports that buyers of the GameFi token could earn as high as 200% profits.

The Girles Metaverse

Girles Metaverse was created as an all-inclusive metaverse project with different features and functionalities to meet the diverse needs of users. In a related development, GIRLES, an NFT GameFi token designed to be the major currency of the metaverse was created and has expectedly generated a lot of buzz, with investors reportedly selling meme coins to buy the token following the presale launch.

The tide of cryptocurrency continues to sweep worldwide and across industries, as the use cases of blockchain technology increase due to the emergence of a plethora of solutions. However, a game-changer seems to have arrived in the Girles Metaverse, judging by the range of features it offers to blockchain enthusiasts across the globe, including the Girles Token.

Girles Token is a decentralized NFT GameFi token created on the Ethereum platform, which consists of the NFT Metaverse, P2E Alliance, and Staking Contracts. The public presale of the token has been launched and has deservedly gained a lot of attraction, especially from investors looking to enjoy the possibility of getting up to 207.05% profit by investing in the early stages of the presale.

In addition to the Girles Token public presale, there are also plans to list the GameFi token on major exchanges.

For further information about the presale of Girles Token and other aspects of the Girles project, visit – Girles also has a growing online community across social media, including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

The Girles presale recently passed $1.2 million in initial seed funding.