Doodles 2 NFT Collection

The popular non-fungible token collection Doodles has partnered with Dapper Labs, the digital assets incubation studio, to launch its highly anticipated Doodles 2 NFT collection on Flow blockchain.

In a January 25 announcement, the team behind Doodles confirmed the official launching of its much-awaited Doodles 2 non-fungible token collection in partnership with Dapper Labs, the creator of the Flow network.

Doodles Team Launches New NFT Collection

The Doodles team hinted about the partnership plans at the NFT.NYC event in 2022. During the annual event, the team announced that it would launch Doodle 2 NFT series on a separate network from Ethereum. The Doodle team cited high gas fees on Ethereum transactions at the time.

After several months of speculations, Doodles has revealed hosting its new NFT collection on Flow, a relatively cheaper and secure network compared to other chains. While commenting about the new NFT collection, Jordan Castro, the co-founder of Doodles, stated:

“We’ve productized the community’s desire to customize their Doodles so that it matches their IRL vibe exactly. Tech aside, Doodles 2 is the passport that’s used in all of our products – experiences, games, apps, music, animation releases, to bring further personalization, customization and rewards to our fans.”

In turn, Roham Gharegozlou, the chief executive officer of Dapper Labs, remarked:

“Doodles is already an iconic brand with an incredibly vibrant community. With the easy user experience, scalable technology, and no gas fees on Flow, Doodles 2 will open up their universe to everyone.”

Doodles 2 NFT Collection Overview

Doodle 2 is an NFT collection that will enable NFT holders to customize their Doodles with virtual wearables, such as apparel accessories and gadgets. Doodles 2 NFT holders and current NFT holders will be able to buy and trade their wearables on the Gaia NFT Market platform.

Doodles 2 NFTs will allow new collectors to mint a base-level Doodle, select generic traits like skin tone and hair colour, and later customize their Doodle with virtual wearables that come in varying rarity tiers.

During the minting period, each edition of the wearable unlocked will include a Doodles Beta Pass. Holders will use their Beta Pass to unlock private beta, an exclusive iteration, allowing holders to create a Doodles tool.

In the meantime, according to the announcement, the team will launch Dooplicator for all Doodles holders next week on January 31. Each Dooplicator will mint first edition Doodles 2 wearables and allow collectors to use the virtual apparel to customize their Doodles.

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