Donald Trump NFT

On December 15, former United States President Donald Trump launched a new collection of non-fungible tokens dubbed Trump Digital Trading Cards. The new trading cards depict the former head of state in different guises, including a superhero, astronaut, and Nascar driver.

Donald Trump Mocked For Launched NFTs

Unfortunately, the former U.S President has received a lot of criticism from top political rivals and crypto influencers hours after launching his new NFT collection. Trump was previously known as a great critic of the crypto industry, once calling Bitcoin (BTC) “a scam.”

Earlier this week, Donald Trump stirred a lot of speculation after announcing he would make a major announcement. Many of his supporters and political commentators predicted he would probably name a running mate for his 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump Made His Major Announcement “NFTs”

Shockingly, the former U.S head of state has instead surprised the crypto community and the entire world by posting a promotional video for his newly launched NFTs on his social-media platform, Truth Social App.

A few hours after his major announcement, Donald Trump has received a lot of criticism from some social media users and his political rivals. While expressing his disgruntlement, Will Sommer, a political reporter at “The Daily Beast” and Author of “Trust the Plan,” said the new NFTs are ugly beyond usual NFT standards.

Other social media mocking Donald Trump include Eric Wall, a renowned crypto influencer, which sarcastically described the trading cards as SimpDAO. In an apparent jibe at Trump, US President Joe Biden said he had “some “Major Announcements” the last couple of weeks too.”

Nonetheless, according to the announcement, all proceeds from the sale of Trump trading Cards will go towards NFT INT LLC to fund his legal battles, not his political campaign. NFT INT LLC law firm is not whatsoever affiliated with Donald Trump.

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