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Disney’s interest in the so-called Web3 appears to be increasing lately as the firm is looking to hire a corporate lawyer who specializes in “emerging technologies” and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The job post was published last Friday on Disney’s official careers website. The position was named “Principal Counsel – Corporate Transactions, Emerging Technologies & NFTs” and a hybrid model is being offered, meaning that the employee will have to spend some time at Disney’s physical offices but will also be able to work remotely.

The responsibilities of this new position that Disney is creating include providing advice about the “full product life cycle” and support for the company’s global NFT products. In addition, the lawyer will have to make sure that Disney’s NFTs comply with both US and international laws.

Another relevant function of Disney’s NFT lawyer will be to perform adequate due diligence on the platforms, blockchains, and other third-party providers that the company will rely on for the creation and distribution of its digital assets

Disney is demanding a track record of at least 5 years at positions that involved complex corporate transactions and experience working for an international law firm. Moreover, any experience working with web3-related products and assets is considered a plus.

Disney Has Already Established a Presence in the Web3 Space

This job position could be an indication that Disney is ready to take more seriously its strategy and presence in the web3 space. In February this year, the firm created job postings for other web3-related positions including “Culture Trend Marketing Manager” and “Sales and Digital Market Director”.

The company has been silently establishing a footprint in the space that started with the launch of digital collectibles on VeVe, an app-based marketplace for premium digital assets.

Thus far, multiple collections have been sold by Disney including the “Golden Moments” special collection that included an NFT called the “Partners Statue”, which depicted a golden statue of the company’s beloved founder – Walt Disney – holding hands with Mickey Mouse.

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Only 4,333 editions of this NFT were created and they were made available on VeVe in November 2021. Those who bought the NFT could claim a 12-month subscription with Disney+ at no cost. In addition, several NFT collections for Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel have been created by renowned digital artists.

Disney is also reportedly looking into the metaverse and its wide range of possibilities for its theme parks division such as the creation of a virtual experience for folks who may prefer to visit these world-acclaimed locations without leaving the comfort of their homes.

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Last year, the company filed a patent for a virtual world simulator that indicated its strong interest in this up-and-coming space. Even though the patent claimed that Disney had “no current plans” to develop any products or services that featured this intellectual property, the wheels appear to be in motion.

Disney Appoints Mike White as The Head of Its Digital Initiatives

Mike White was appointed by Disney in February this year as Vice President for “Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences”. White was appointed the company’s CEO, Bob Chapek, to oversee the firm’s initiatives in the web3 space.

“While the storytelling that will define our metaverse presence will of course emanate from our creative teams, Mike will establish our overall vision and strategy for the consumer journey through these new story worlds”, Chapek commented in a memo.

He added: “As part of this, Mike will quickly assemble a structure and put in place processes to prioritize and allocate resources, explore partnerships, and facilitate knowledge sharing”.

According to White’s LinkedIn profile, he has been working for Disney for 11 years now after spending nearly 10 years at Yahoo in multiple tech-related positions. Shortly afterward, he went to work with the Apollo Group – the parent company of several private universities and other higher-learning institutions.

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