Walt Disney

Bob Chapek, the chief executive of Walt Disney Co, has announced future plans for his entertainment company, which includes adopting blockchain technology and the metaverse to enhance storytelling for the next 100 years.

Disney Eyes The Metaverse

Chapek spoke backstage during the company’s biennial D23 fan convention on Sunday. At the time, the top executive revealed plans to adopt blockchain technology in its entertainment sector, theme parks and consumer product conglomerate to improve storytelling in the digital future.

Although the top executive began pushing his entertainment company to adopt blockchain technology and explore new forms of storytelling, he has tried to avoid the term “metaverse” in his recent statement.

During a short interview with Reuters, Chapek described Disney’s digital vision for the Metaverse as next-generation storytelling. He revealed that his company would leverage metaverse capabilities in theme park visits and consumer streaming habits to deliver personalized entertainment experiences. He said:

“Disney is absolutely a lifestyle. The question is, how our next-gen storytelling is leveraging what we know about a guest uniquely in this Disney lifestyle, then serving up unique experiences.”

Facebook Influences Metaverse Adoption

The influx of entertainment and technology companies rushing to secure a position in the metaverse started after the social media platform Facebook changed its name to Meta platforms in October 2021.

At the time, Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company would be devoted to creating a rich, three-dimensional and persistent virtual world, where social media users, “digital avatars”, would work, hang out and pursue their hobbies.

Long before Meta announced its plans, Chapek, who took over the top job in 2020, had always envisioned expanding the theme park experience to people who had never visited any of the company’s six theme parks worldwide.

Disney started laying the ground to adopt the metaverse last year. At the time, the entertainment firm appointed Mike White to oversee the newly created Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences unit. Disney put White in charge of preparing the framework for Disney to employ in the future.

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