The blockchain-powered 3D virtual world platform Decentraland has announced plans to launch a new metaverse city on Polygon. The new metaverse city will allow artists, creators, and businesses to lease space at affordable rates.

In an October 17 press release, Decentraland confirmed plans to launch its new Polygon blockchain-powered virtual world city dubbed “Crystal City.” Its new metaverse project is estimated to measure 16 acres.

Decentraland Teams Felipe & Decent Amusements For Crystal City

Decentraland has partnered with Felipe Escudero, a young visionary architect from LEDY, and Decent Amusement, the manager of the Central Marketplace District, to launch the new metaverse project. While commenting about the metaverse project, Mark D’Andrea, the co-founder of LEDY, remarked:

“Crystal City design is meant to inspire wonder and spark creativity. It will be a major new landmark in the metaverse, and with constant new experiences and events will become a destination for social interaction, discovery, and exploration.”

In turn, Rob Dixon, a senior executive from Decent Amusements, remarked:

“We wanted to turn the Central Marketplace district into something spectacular, and Felipe and LEDY have delivered. With cutting-edge design and common services for tenants, this will be a great place for any company or creator to build their presence in the metaverse.”

According to the development team, the new crystal metaverse city will break through the limitations of the contemporary physical world. The new projects will defy gravity and material properties to offer a transcendent, immersive experience that can only exist in the digital world.

Crystal Metaverse City Overview

The 16-acre Crystal Metaverse City will allow artists, creators, and businesses to lease space at affordable rates. It will also enable developers and tenants to use their imaginations to create their own fantastical spaces.

Furthermore, Crystal City will let users host offices, shops, galleries, events, and the highest observation deck in Decentraland. It will also allow retailers and creators to lease spaces in the towers, marketplace, and event area.

Decentraland’s Crystal Metaverse City will let other brands lease open parcels and develop their unique HQ structures. According to the announcement, the new Crystal Metaverse City is set to go live on Polygon on October 17, 7 PM EST.

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