Certik Unmasks NFT scammers

Crypto detectives from CertiK, a blockchain security firm renowned for investigating blockchain-related crimes, have reportedly found some identities of scammers associated with the notorious ‘Monkey Drainer’ phishing scam syndicate.

In a January 28 blog post, the blockchain security firm confirmed it had identified one of the scammers allegedly behind the Monkey Drainer phishing scam syndicate. Monkey Drainer is the pseudonym given to scammers that use smart contracts to steal NFTs through an ice phishing technique.

Scammers Linked To $4.3M NFT Phishing Scam Exposed

Crypto detectives from CertiK got a helpful hint about the Monkey Drainers after two scammers, associated with the recent $4.3 million Porsche NFT phishing scam, engaged in a short on-chain quarrel.

Over the weekend, one scammer identifying himself as Zentoh wrote a short message to a fellow culprit named Kai, pleading with him to send his ill-gotten share as they had initially agreed. According to the leaked short message, Kai had pledged to give Zentoh 8% of the stolen funds.

Crypto detectives from CertiK have confirmed that the joint wallet was indeed the crypto wallet that received the $4.3 million in stolen crypto. The blockchain security firm has also found direct links between scammers and the Monkey Drainer wallets.

Furthermore, after conducting in-depth investigations, the blockchain security firm has found that the two scammers are also associated with a Telegram group that has been selling phishing kits to groups of scammers.

NFT Phishing Scams On The Rise In 2023

In the past few weeks, scammers have been using the ice phishing scamming trick to steal funds from crypto investors. Mid last week, Kevin Rose, the co-founder of Moonbirds NFT collection, lost more than $1 million in a similar attack.

Late last week, another set of scammers took over the Azuki NFT collection Twitter account and used the social media account to promote fraudulent NFT drops. During this raid, scammers stole more than $1.7 million worth of crypto and NFTs.


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