Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the public blockchain platform Cordano, has stirred a heated discussion within the crypto community after putting someone else’s non-fungible token as his profile picture on Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Hoskinson Faces Criticism For Using Someone Else’s NFT As PFP

Shortly after updating his new profile picture, the Cordano founder received heated criticism from his followers and some NFT enthusiasts. Blakelock Brown, the co-founder and CEO of NFT marketplace JPG Store is a perfect example, expressing his disgruntlement over Hoskinson’s move.

In a January 4 blog post, the American entrepreneur Brown mentioned that Hoskinson should at least buy any other NFT he wishes to use as a PFP next time. According to the top executive, this is a way of supporting the artists.

Hoskinson Defends Himself For Using Someone’ Else NFT As PFP

In a subsequent tweet, Hoskinson strongly defended his move, disclosing that he does not feel it is necessary to purchase the NFT, citing his previous concerns about the lack of clarity on the rights of NFT holders. He remarked:

“Buy an NFT? I’m not buying the IP, nor am I signing a contract giving me royalty-free use to display. I don’t think Blake is getting my broader point about the contractual relationships and rights of the purchaser.”

In the meantime, Todd Brenn, a fundamental analyst and the self-acclaimed owner of the NFT, has announced that he does not have a problem with Hoskinson using his NFTs collection as the image as his social media profile picture.

In fact, Brenn has taken this opportunity to defend Hoskinson’s action. The fundamental analyst has publicly announced that anyone can use his non-fungible token as a profile picture on any social media platform.

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