Bitboy Crypto

The most viewed crypto Youtuber Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) is partnering with The Players’ Lounge, an NFT community for college athletes.

On students involved in college sports and athletics can use NFTs to ‘monetize their individual brands’ and get access to private messageboards with athletes, in-person community events, and other exclusive content.

BitBoy Crypto

The cryptocurrency community has a love-hate relationship with the BitBoy Crypto Youtube channel, which has 1.45 million subscribers. His humble demeanour has introduced many beginners to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain who might not otherwise have found it accessible.

In the introduction video on BitBoy’s Youtube, he is open about being a former drug addict and finding a calling to help people through crypto – his #BitSquad of followers.

Some however criticize his use of clickbait tactics to attract views and for ‘shilling’ any crypto project that will pay him for a mention – reportedly he charges $50k for an endorsement of an altcoin or NFT project. His market analysis and predictions have also not been as accurate as other crypto Youtube channels run by professional traders.

BitBoy Crypto commented on his latest offline partnership:

‘At BitBoy Crypto our mission has always been to empower people to find financial freedom through crypto-assets. We are now able to expand our mission into other arenas such as the sports world. Working with the Players Lounge has given us the opportunity to work with college athletes in reaching fair and deserved compensation for their skills, dedication, and hard work.’

The Players Lounge

The Players Lounge according to their website is ‘a platform built by lettermen to empower relationships within the collegiate sports community through connecting current and former athletes with their respective fan bases’.

The site has its own in-built marketplace with TPL NFTs listed for sale and a Discord group. Buying a TPL NFT grants owners whitelist access to future NFT drops, monthly podcasts with former and current pro athletes, and other forms of coaching opportunities.

The Players Lounge was created by former UGA (University of Georgia) pro football players Ty Frix, Aaron Murray, and Keith Marshall a 2016 NFT Draft pick.

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