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Crypto education has become fundamental as the crypto industry continues to expand. All individuals intending to invest in the nascent crypto sector needs to understand how the industry operates in-depth.

Binance Launches Free Crypto Education

The crypto trading platform Binance has extended its investment goodwill and begun offering short free online courses covering basic crypto education, including the advantages of crypto and the risk related to their investments.

Binance has launched an academic educational platform that will offer free online courses covering blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse, which will be available to millions online.

The new crypto education program will feature six modules, including the beginner course, which will explain the basics of crypto, blockchain decentralization, metaverse, and investing strategies.

Binance Academy To Issue NFTs As Certificates

According to the site publication, the introduction course, ‘ Blockchain Fundamentals,’ will be followed by the release of intermediate and advanced levels. Binance will issue NFTs as certificates for all course levels.

Initially, Binance Academy will offer all the modules in English, but it has promised to add more languages in the upcoming weeks. While commenting about the establishment of free online crypto courses, He Yi, the Chief Marketing Officer at Binance, remarked:

“Blockchain industry is still at its early stage. Many new concepts, such as NFT and metaverse, are coined. We believe that creators and builders shape our industry’s future. Therefore, empowering more creators and builders with knowledge is key.”

The new online crypto education program includes sponsorships from major institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, and MIT. Meanwhile, the program has already attracted millions of viewers from all around the globe.

The crypto education program is expected to gain mainstream adoption in the upcoming weeks. As of October 2021, Binance was estimated to have a fan base of more than 28.6 million users across more than 185 countries.

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