Metaverse altcoins

The metaverse is seeing increasing institutional investment – buying metaverse altcoins is one way to gain exposure to this new market.

In recent weeks alone we reported on news headlines such as:

For those more familar with crypto and altcoins – that have a lower barrier to entry for the retail investor than than ETFs or metaverse stocks – we’ve listed some of top metaverse altcoins below.

Best Metaverse Altcoins

We picked out one metaverse altcoin with a large VC backing, one early in its roadmap, and one that’s retraced to 2021 support levels:

1. ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is the governance token that powers the Otherside metaverse, built by Yuga Labs, the creators of the most successful NFT collection of all time – the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The highest trading volume NFTs as of mid 2022 are also Otherdeed for Otherside NFTs, virtual real estate in that metaverse.

With that brand recognition behind it, and a large company – Yuga Labs has been valued at $5 billion – APE has potential for high returns in the long run.

ApeCoin price chart

Many venture capital firms invested in Otherside including Andreessen Horowitz, and crypto exchanges like Coinbase.

Currently the weekly EMA 8 is just over $10 – setting up a possible mean reversion play back to retest double digits from the current APE price, around $6.50.

If APE can close a weekly candle back above $12 the next resistance level would then be $16 – and above that is little resistance until its previous all time high of $28.

  • APE market cap – $1.9 billion
  • APE total supply – 1 billion
  • Circulating supply – 292 billion (29%)
  • Coinmarketcap ranking – #34

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

2. Project Galaxy (GAL)

GAL has only traded for just over three weeks on crypto exchanges, launching in May. It’s good to invest in crypto projects early, whether metaverse altcoins or otherwise – and the market cap of GAL is currently only around $156 million – in a bull run, a $1 billion market cap is nothing.

What Project Galaxy aims to do is provide a Web3 credential data network for NFTs – which would have an application in the metaverse. For example in metaverse games, it would enable achievements to be recorded on-chain and for players to be rewarded better within NFT loyalty programs – with what it calls Galaxy OATs (on-chain achievement tokens).

GAL price chart

GAL was trending earlier in May on Google trends and Coinmarketcap, we posted screenshots of that on our GAL price prediction post. Some of search interest will have been people wondering why the GAL price hit $200 on day one on Binance – GAL had a 133x gain on the day one listing pump.

The GAL top on Coinbase was about $19. A retest of that high from the current price levels would be an over 420% pump – and GAL’s market capitalization would still be under $1 billion at that point. With how early this project is in its roadmap, GAL could be an altcoin to watch for a high return on investment (ROI).

  • GAL market cap – $160 million
  • GAL total supply – 200 million
  • Circulating supply – 35.1 million (18%)
  • Coinmarketcap ranking – #235

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

3. Gala (GALA)

The GALA price has retraced its whole bull run from $0.09 in November 2021 to $0.84 – a 93x move, and over 120x returns from the 2021 low. GALA bounced over 30% alongside several other metaverse altcoins the day after the May 2022 crypto crash, suggesting buyers stepped in to buy the dip.

The 2022 low was just under $0.05 and like Bitcoin the GALA price has now been red on the weekly chart for eight consecutive weeks – potentially a good spot for a bounce back to retest the weekly 21 EMA, at $0.19, and the 0.786 Fib level at $0.21.

GALA price

GALA is the native token of the Gala Games platform, which built the NFT game Town Star and Vox NFT avatars with earning utility. The project aims to build fun blockchain games in the metaverse that give players more control over their in-game assets, with governance and voting rights over the project’s direction.

More crypto games are planned by Gala which could lead to an increase in the GALA price. Due to how deep GALA has corrected with little to no relief rally, this could be one to buy for high returns now it has retested 2021 support levels.

  • GALA market cap – $516 million
  • GALA total supply – 35.2 billion
  • Circulating supply – 6.98 billion (20%)
  • Coinmarketcap ranking – #84

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

Other Crypto & NFT Gaming Projects

We reported this week on the upcoming crypto giveaway on May 31st by Lucky Block.

While Lucky Block haven’t yet built a metaverse, they have built the infrastructure for a crypto and NFT gaming platform. Both LBLOCK token holders and owners of one their NFTs receive free tickets to jackpot prize draws. LBLOCK also has a low market cap of $82 million (#3264 on Coinmarketcap).

The project’s aim is to provide worldwide decentralized blockchain-based gaming with more transparent odds and enable everyone to win – holders of their native coin receive a redistributed share of the jackpot even without taking part or winning.

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Lucky Block - Undervalued Crypto

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Lucky Block
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  • NFT Competitions, Jackpot Draws
  • Powers Casino & Sportsbook Platform -
  • 10,000 NFTs Minted
  • $2M+ in Prizes Awarded
Lucky Block