The digital artist Mike “Beeple” Winklemann has strongly refuted previously announced reports suggesting that there is a ready partnership between him, Render Network, and digital assets incubation platform Metaplex to launch 3D NFTs on Solana.

No Deal Set or Agreed Upon-Beeple

On November 6, Stephen Hess, the CEO of Metaplex, recklessly released a statement suggesting there were ready partnerships between the Beeple, Render Network, and the digital assets platform Metaplex Studio.

The Metaplex boss made his sentiments during the annual Solana Breakpoint conference in Lisbon, Portugal. At the time, the top executive revealed that Beeple would bring his 3D immersive NFTs to Solana. He remarked:

“We’re excited to welcome Beeple to Metaplex and Solana in partnership with the Render Network.” Beeple would be debuting the future of streaming and immersive 3D NFTs.”

In a November 7 blog post, the NFT artist refuted those suggesting that he would release 3D NFTs on Solana, claiming that there was nothing set or remotely agreed upon between him, Render Network, and Metaplex.

Hess Apologizes For The Misinformation

In a subsequent tweet, the Metaplex boss, Stephen Hess, publicly apologized for the company miscommunication, apparently confirming that Beeple NFTs are not heading to Solana. He explained:

“I want to sincerely apologize here. This was the result of a miscommunication between the orgs involved, but these were my words in the keynote, so I should have confirmed the consent, directly with you, of what was announced.”

In the same context, Hess has remorsefully apologized to Beeple for the confusion caused to his fans and community. Earlier on Monday, Jules Urbach, the CEO of OTOY, also made a similar reckless announcement.

At the time, the top executive claimed there is a partnership deal between OTOY, Beeple, and Metaplex for Solana-based NFTs.”Mike’s excited with this technology. It’s going to be some time next year when we put this out there. This is how we both see the future of NFTs developing,” he claimed.

Once again, Hess has apologized on behalf of Urbach and termed the previously announced deal “miscommunication.” Nonetheless, the Metaplex boss has deemed to reveal where the miscommunication occurred between the two partnerships.

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