Alex Salnikov

The Co-founder of Rarible NFT marketplace predicts NFT collections with a strong community will become future media businesses like Disney.

He made that prediction this week in an interview with TechCrunch which they wrote up in their July 18th article ‘NFTs have the potential to become media companies.’

NFTs the Next Disney

Entrepeneur Alex Salnikov goes by @insider0x on Twitter where he has 14,000 followers and repeated his observation that since ‘blue chip NFTs are doing games, TV shows, merch’ they are ‘clearly evolving into Disneys of this world’.

In the original TechCrunch interview Salnikov explains that ‘NFTs are IP’ (intellectual property) and he expects the more blue chip NFT collections with loyal communities of fans to ‘pour over’ all forms of entertainment and grow in their use case.

Salnikov is quoted as saying:

‘I expect NFTs to appear in video chats or games or on headphones, hats, Gucci bags and Rolexes, for sure. We’ve already seen NFTs on shows and Doodles is creating a game, Bored Ape is creating a movie. So I think we’ll see NFTs pop up in other movies and areas, too.

We’ve seen the Bored Apes have an extremely strong community. The owners of Bored Apes are influential in the movie and music industry; that’s why they bring this IP with them to those areas, too. The strength of a community gives these NFTs the potential to become media businesses.’

Doodles, currently the #9 NFT collection by market cap according to CoinGecko rankings – with a 129,000 ETH market capitalization – appointed new CEO Julian Holguin to expand Doodles’ IP ‘throughout music, gaming, and entertainment, while deeply integrating culture into the product’.

The BAYC movie trilogy set to be made by Coinbase’s entertainment team was announced earlier this year, a three-part short film which will feature Bored Ape NFTs as animated characters.

The floor price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club is almost back above 100 ETH – currently 93.9 ETH – after a correction to just under 75 ETH at the height of the ‘crypto winter’ in June 2022. They had hit an all time high on OpenSea of over 153 ETH on May 1st, just before the Terra (LUNA) and UST crash.

Part of that recovery may be due to early gameplay footage being released of their upcoming Otherside metaverse game – the Otherside game was able to handle 4,300 concurrent online users while maintaining high performance and no noticeable lag.

With Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin this week and today hitting a high of just over $1,600, some investors are beginning to speculate the bear market may soon be over. Bitcoin is also trading back in the $22,000 – $23,000 area.

Almost all blue chip NFTs in the top 50 began to show signs of recovery and new bullish momentum shortly after NFT NYC, which saw record numbers alongside a free airdrop of Covid for some attendees.

Will Salnikov be correct in his prediction of NFT collections like BAYC becoming media companies in their own right? That remains to be seen. In recent weeks they have already appeared in Eminem and Snoop Dogg music videos, and themed NFT restaurants.

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