Batman NFTs Bat Cowl Collection

Some men just want to buy NFTs. DC Comics, Warner Bros and Palm NFT studio announced 200,000 Batman NFTs will drop April 26th, with a two year roadmap of benefits.

Owners of a Bat Cowl collection NFT will be granted exclusive access to DC fan events, a private fan forum, and be able to buy limited edition apparel and other collectible products, as well as getting early access to all DC NFT collections minted in the future.

The upcoming NFT project will announce additional utilities and surprises for holders every 52 days.

Bat Cowl NFTs

Each Bat cowl NFT is a unique representation of Batman’s mask, a 3D artwork with two billion possible combinations of different mods, colors, backgrounds, effects and styles.

The NFT drop will be blind, ‘like a bat‘ according to the official website. Priced at $300, your Bat Cowl NFT will be revealed in May 2022, along with its storyline and rarity.

‘I wear a mask. Not to hide who I am — but to create what I am.’ – Batman.

Holders will be able to sell their Bat Cowl NFTs on a secondary DC NFT Universe marketplace, with trading also set to start in May 2022. They could potentially turn a profit for NFT investors.

Batman NFTs have in the past upset some fans, some of whom threatened to boycott the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. One Twitter user commented ‘you either die or live long enough to peddle NFTs‘. Marvel superhero fans can be very particular about how their heroes are represented online.

Another commented: ‘The internet raised your share price AMC. The internet can take it away. raised an eyebrow at the $60 million selling 200,000 Batman NFTs will rake in for DC, commenting ‘holy cash grab, Batman.’

NFTs on Palm Blockchain

The Bat Cowl NFT collection will be minted on the Palm blockchain, an ecosystem for NFTs connected to Ethereum with lower gas costs and faster transactions.

Palm was launched in 2021 by the founder of blockchain technology company ConsenSys and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. Palm NFT studio has hosted DC comics NFT drops before for Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and other Batman NFTs, in the forms of comic covers.

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