Cricket NFTs

The official Cricket Australia account on Twitter @CricketAus announced collectible NFTs are on the way for Australian cricket fans.

The move is in partnership with Rario an officially licensed NFT marketplace for cricket NFT collections, and NFT company Blocktrust.

A new section of the Cricket Australia website has been added with more info,

Responses from Australian crickets fans to the tweet with the NFT news announcement are humorous, with many callings NFTs a scam or ponzi scheme.

That could be taken as a sign that NFT investors are still early to the space, as many similar comments were levelled at Bitcoin and crypto in general over the years.

Those that are interested are being invited to join a Discord and get on the whitelist to mint Cricket NFTs, as well as receive limited edition drops.

The non-fungible tokens will take the form of iconic cricketing moments from history, or player images of fan favorite Australian cricketers, like Pat Cummins, Aaron Finch or Marnus Labuschagne.

An FAQ section on the website explains the differences between NFTs and cryptocurrency, and that they will be for sale on the Rario marketplace, although the cost hasn’t been announced yet.

Cricket NFTs

Sports themed NFTs have long been a popular sector of the NFT space. DraftKings made our list of the top ten NFT marketplaces as the sports betting giant launched its own marketplace in December 2021.

Sports fans are natural collectors of limited edition items like trading cards and other memorabilia associated with their favorite players and sporting icons, past and present.

Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketer’s Association (ACA) are committed to making their NFTs environnmentally friendly. Rario for example was chosen as it mints NFTs on Polygon which is more eco-friendly with lower carbon emissions than the Ethereum blockchain.

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