The latest report confirms that Aumssa, the metaverse-based healing community, has successfully launched digital collectibles modernizing the interpretation of the ancient symbol “Hamsa.”

In an August 15 press release, the metaverse-based healing community announced the official launching of its non-fungible token (NFTs) collections, representing the modernized ancient fortune symbol ‘Hamsa.’

Hamsa NFTs Overview

First discovered in the 8th century BC in an Israeli tomb, Hamsa is an iconic symbol of protection, and good fortune and was globally recognized for a period. According to history, many people Hamsa is to protect the owner from bad luck and misfortunes.

Aumssa is the team behind Hamsa NFTs development .The metaverse-based healing community is renowned for developing blockchain-based NFTs, mobile apps, and various content in the metaverse space.

Artist Kangto, the chief artist of Aumssa, has created six tokenized parts of Hamsa and reinterpreted them in a modern form. These parts will contain the energy to protect the owner, the power to strengthen the body and mind, and the energy to call for help from the surrounding.

While commenting about the launching of Hamsa NFTs, Kangto explained:

“Owning a Hamsa is believed to protect the owner from bad luck, giving positive energy to modern people with a lot of stress in their busy lives.”

Aumssa has created a limited edition of 13,800 NFTs. These NFTs represent the age of the universe, 13.8 billion years. Aumssa has scheduled official minting at a fixed price of 0.08 Ethereum (ETH) from August 22.

Aumssa Roadmap

Alongside launching the Hamsa NFTs, Aumssa anticipates building a membership-only healing space ‘sanctum’. The newly launched virtual space will allow healers to interact and receive comfort in the metaverse.

Aumssa also prepares to build a community where individuals can relax and heal their grievances. Commenting about the crypto development, KJ Lee, the founder of Aumssa, stated:

“We will continue to build a healing community of people with the same interests in Metaverse based on symbols, marks, and signs in various myths.”


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