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Susan Miller, a renowned internet pioneer, publisher, and founder of, has expressed her interest in joining the virtual world “Metaverse” through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In an August 4 press release, the Astrology pioneer expressed her foray into the virtual world, confirming to launch of a new non-fungible token (NFTs) collection. Susan Miller has teamed up with CYNOSUR3, Moonwalk, and Izak Zenou, a renowned fashion illustrator, to launch her digital collectibles on Polygon.

Susan Miller is an accredited astrologer, publisher, and regular contributing editor for four international fashion magazines in Vogue Japan, Vogue China, W South Korea, and Amicia Italy. Miller is renowned for establishing “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More “and “Moonlight” astrology apps, which are available for iOS and Android users.

Susan Miller Star NFTs

Miller will launch a limited edition of 12,000-pieces non-fungible token collections, “Susan Miller Stars NFTs,” consisting of more than 1,000 art designs representing each zodiac sign. Miller anticipates creating a warm, safe, and fun place for my readers to gather.

The newly incorporated CYNOSUR3 is a boutique Web3 agency that helps leading content creators and brands form tighter bonds with their biggest fans by leaning into the digital ownership revolution.

Miller will leverage the Web3 agency to diversify her audience away from web2 social platforms and offer them better experiences.
While commenting about the new integration with Susan Miller, David B. Weinstein, the founder of CYNOSUR3, remarked:

“To help bring this project to life, CYNOSUR3 turned to Moonwalk for their industry-leading technology and Polygon as the premier decentralized Ethereum scaling platform. I look forward to CYNOSUR3 bringing the Astrology Zone readers into Web3.”

On the other hand, Susan Miller has integrated Moonwalk, the leading no-code NFT and Web3 platform for brands, creators, and communities, to allow collectors to create their own branded Web3 economies.

Susan Miller Star NFTs Utility

Susan Miller will use her NFTs to attract more audiences. The newly launched NFTs will act as a ticket to give collectors access to utilities while giving them confidence and insight into their lives. “Finding new and interesting ways to get close to my readers and delighting and surprising them has always been my goal,” said Susan Miller.

Susan Miller Star NFTs will exclusively debut on Polygon, the leading blockchain development platform, and a carbon-neutral network. Polygon is renowned for offering scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchain for Web3 developments.

In the meantime, Susan Miller NFTs are available to the public for purchase exclusively on To streamline the purchasing process, the team behind Susan Miller Star NFTs has created an astrology Discord channel to bring buyers close to special events, raffles, and more.

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