A Gobblers NFT Collection

The highly anticipated free-to-mint NFT collection from Justin Roiland and Paradigm, Art Gobblers, has successfully launched and swiftly attracted massive adoption despite the ongoing bear market.

The Art Gobblers NFT collection went viral on digital assets marketplace OpenSea on October 31 and skyrocketed above $20,000 in minutes. Since its launch, the new NFT collection has attracted more than $11 million in trading volume.

What are Art Gobblers NFTs?

Art Gobblers are NFT project by Justin Roiland, the American animator and co-creator of the Rick and Morty franchise, in partnership with crypto investment firm Paradigm. The NFT collection features a fixed edition of 10,000 NFTs.

According to its website, the NFT project released the first 1,700 NFTs on November 1 and will unleash another set of 300 NFTs in the coming weeks. There are also plans to launch another 8,000 NFTs in 10 years through the project’s unique minting mechanism.

Art Gobblers were a free-to-mint NFT collection; thus, it did not attract any other fee apart from the gas fee to purchase these NFTs. The team behind Art Gobblers announced the launching of their NFTs in September after months of incubation.

Art Gobblers Surge Above $20K In Minutes

The Art Gobblers NFT collection launched on October 31 at 20:20 UTC with much hype and fanfare, exponentially surging above $20,000 in minutes. Surprisingly, the NFT collection has raised 10 million in trading volume in just two hours since its launch.

At the time of publishing, the cheapest Art Gobblers were trading for 12.5 ETH worth about $19,575 on OpenSea, with some pieces even trading closer to 15 ETH shortly after the launch. According to Blur NFT marketplace, the NFT collection has already garnered over 7,200 ETH in trading volume.

Some other viral NFT collections in the news this week incude avril15 and Silk Genesis Avatars.

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