Kanpai Pandas

Non-fungible tokens have suffered a brutal meltdown in the past several months. Despite the market turmoil, the NFTs continue attracting investors, with many now seeding on NFTs that have showcased strong resilience since the bear market begun sometime in June.

Kanpai Pandas NFTs Defies The Bear Market

Launched in May, Kanpai Pandas is a perfect example of an NFT collection that has remained strong amid the ongoing bear market, which has left many assets dropping over 70% since mid this year.

Despite the bear market, the NFT collection’s highest-priced NFT sells for 915 ETH, and the least-priced sells at 0.504 ETH on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Moreover, one of the Kanpai Pandas NFT collections recently sold for 20 ETH.

Kanpai Pandas is an Omnichain NFT project featuring a limited edition of 10,000 stylistically curated hand-drawn NFTs. These NFTs are supported in seven chains, including Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, AVAX, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism chains.

Kanpai Pandas NFTs allow collectors exclusive rights to high-end events, including private parties, sporting events, concerts, and entertainment events. Some events include the Crypto Bahamas Party in Nassau, 10,000 Person Pandafest 2022, Imagine Dragons Box Tickets, and Raiders Box Seats.

Kanpai Pandas are available on a popular secondary marketplace in the seven chains. In the upcoming few weeks, Kanpai anticipates adding chain integration. Kanpai Pandas NFT collections are poised to be one of the most premium NFT projects amid the bear market.

More Best NFT Projects To Invest In This December

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is another NFT project attracting investors in the past few weeks despite the ongoing bear market. Calvaria is one of the unique play-to-earn (P2E) platforms.

Calvaria takes players into an afterlife-themed metaverse environment and allows them to purchase tokenized trading cards representing different characters in the metaverse game.

In the past few weeks, Calvaria has attracted massive adoption, raising more than $124 million from its native token presale. The P2E platform is currently in its final presale stage, with only 28% of its tokens left.

Elsewhere, Tamadoge is another NFTs project recently taking the crypto world by storm. Tamadoge, a dog meme-themed NFT project from Tamaverse, recently raised $19 million in one of the largest presales ever for a meme-based project.

In the meantime, Tamadoge has already released its first batch of 1,000 rare NFTs and the second batch of 100 ultra-rare NFTs. Tamadoge anticipates launching more dog-themed NFTs in the coming weeks.

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