Altava Golf NFTs

Altava Group, the parent company behind the newly launched Bored Apes Golf Club NFT collection, has partnered with the virtual gaming world The Sandbox to launch play-to-earn (P2E) golf gaming experience in the metaverse.

Altava To Launch Golf Experience In Metaverse

In a December 7 press release, Altava confirmed its partnership with The Sandbox to launch the NFT project in the metaverse. The new metaverse activation will commemorate recent Altava’s successful pop-up store in Seoul that showcased their Bored Ape Golf Club (BAGC) NFT collection.

Founded in 2018, Altava Group is a luxury fashion brand that brings culture-defining brands into the metaverse. Altava Group allows users to connect with their consumers in the real and virtual worlds for high-end luxury brands and discerning partners. It has offices in Seoul, Tokyo, London, and Paris.

Earlier this month, the luxury fashion brand metaverse platform partnered with Yuga Lab IP Ecosystem to launch its new Bored Ape Golf Club NFT collection. The new NFT collection allows users access golf-themed merchandise emblazoned with the logo of the new BAGC NFT collection.

Altava Group Expands Its Metaverse Venture

In the past few months, Altava has been making numerous strategic partnerships to build the infrastructure for connecting NFTs with the real world. In October, the leading fashion brand teamed up with bemyfriends to serve as a strategic partner for connecting NFT projects in real life (IRL) and building exclusive communities for NFT holders.

In its new metaverse integration, Altava will be celebrating the successful launch of its Seoul pop-up store, showcasing its BAGC collection. The fashion brand will launch a P2E miniature golf-based experience in ALTAVA Club House, a 3×3 LAND in The Sandbox.

In the meantime, Altava and The Sandbox have yet to share an exact date for the launch of their new golf experiences. However, the metaverse platform has announced that the P2E mini-golf experiences will be ready by 2023.

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