The non-fungible token and blockchain technology have attracted mainstream adoption in the past several years. Artificial intelligence (AI) is another new tech experiencing similar hype in the past few weeks.

Artificial intelligence came into the spotlight last year after tech behemoth Microsoft invested more than $10 billion into OpenAI, the startup behind the revolutionary chatbot titled ChatGPT, despite the recent market uncertainty.

Since then, many crypto firms have gained some confidence and have started fusing artificial intelligence with blockchain to create new digital assets. Alethea AI Network is a recent example of combining generative AI and blockchain to develop intelligent NFTs.

Intelligent NFTs Overview

Intelligent NFTs are unique forms of non-fungible tokens hosted on the Alethea blockchain. The iNFTs allow crypto users to create an NFT embedded with AI animation, voice recognition, and generative AI abilities.

According to the official website, developers on the Alethea blockchain can utilize the iNFT protocol to create, design, train, and earn from their creations on the Alethea metaverse, known as Noah’s Ark.

It’s worth noting that billionaire Mark Cuban is one of the earlier investors in the crypto and AI integration. In 2021, Cuban participated in Alethea’s $16 million private token sale of intelligent NFTs for the metaverse. At the time, Cuban said:

“While NFTs have continued to be exciting for collectors, I always try to invest in what is coming next. Alethea AI has managed to uniquely combine AI-powered Avatars that are secured on-chain as NFTs.”

AI Crypto Coins Market Health

In the past few weeks, many AI-powered tokens have been pumping, with Fetch being one of the best-performing crypto tokens. According to cryptoSlate, FET has attracted a sales volume of $438 million in the past 24 hours, representing a 24% gain.

OCEAN, a native utility token of Ocean Protocol, has also recorded remarkable sales in recent weeks. In the past 24 hours, the Ocean price has pumped more than 21% to $0.53. It recorded a sales volume of $192 million during the same period.

In the past 24 hours, iExec RLC has also surged more than 11% in its price to $2.24. The AI crypto token recorded a sales volume of $40 million during the same period. It now has a market capitalization of $181 million.

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