The crypto market has been on a downward spiral since May. Digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) coins have also seen their price gains stalled, providing an ideal opportunity for investors to buy NFTs going cheap.

This article will explore five cheap NFTs trending on Twitter to invest in now.

1. Lucky Block NFTs – Overall Best NFT Selling for a Bargain

First on our list of NFTs going cheap is Lucky Block’s NFT. Lucky Block is out to revolutionise the $230 billion online gaming space by ensuring transparency and fairness. The gaming protocol is powered by LBLOCK, which is used in ticketing and earning returns.

Lucky Block has continued to expand its protocol with additional features. A month after launching, the platform launched its first NFT collection, Platinum Rollers Club NFT. Users can purchase one of the 10,000 one-of-a-kind collectibles for 3.3 Binance Coin (BNB), which is around $681.45.

Owning one of the Platinum Rollers Club NFTs comes with a lot of perks. Lucky Block has kickstarted its multiple daily draws for its LBLOCK and NFT holders to participate. Users can participate if they hold $500 worth of LBLOCK tokens.

A user holding $500 worth of LBLOCK will get a free ticket to participate in the draw and stand a chance to win $1 million in jackpot winnings. To encourage more users to buy Lucky Block, the protocol announced that users who buy $5 worth of LBLOCK tokens as tickets can also participate in the draw. Lucky Block also has a secondary giveaway for holders of the Platinum Rollers Clubs NFTs. Users need only 1 NFT to participate in the $1 million NFT giveaway.

Meanwhile, token holders can easily generate passive income from owning LBLOCK. All jackpot winnings are charged 30% with 10% redistributed to LBLOCK holders. Also, LBLOCK sales are taxed at 12% with 6% given to all LBLOCK token holders. This makes Lucky Block one of the best crypto under $1 to buy for long-term growth.

At press time, LBLOCK is trading at $0.00091, down 10% in the past month. Once the market flips bullish, LBLOCK is expected to hit record highs once more.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. Decentraland – Top 3D Immersive Experience Protocol

Decentraland is one of the most popular NFT and metaverse projects. Based on the Ethereum network, Decentraland offers a 3D immersive experience and allows users to create content and applications. Users can also buy virtual plots of land which can be developed and then sold for more profits in the future.

Decentraland has become a stopping point for several legacy-based businesses and institutions to interact with the crypto space. Payment giant Mastercard recently partnered with the metaverse protocol. A statement by company CEO Raja Rajamannar reveals that the partnership is meant to onboard more users into the metaverse.

Several investors are keen to buy Decentraland due to its strong use case and growing adoptions. At press time, its native token MANA is trading at $0.80, down 31.87% in the past month.

3. The Sandbox – Top GameFi Protocol

The Sandbox is an NFT and metaverse project out to redefine the gaming industry with a unique blend of owner-generated content and games. On The Sandbox, users retain ownership of their works while also profiting from the sales of their assets.

The Sandbox has become a hotbed for NFT activities. Its voxel-based characters have become quite popular in the past year. Now, investors are looking to buy Sandbox to tap into the crypto gem. This is in line with the project’s continued growth.

The Sandbox recently partnered with the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art to launch 2 limited edition exhibitions in the metaverse.

At press time, the SAND token is trading at $0.84, down 42.32% in the past month. SAND’s decline makes it one of the top NFTs going cheap in this second half of the year.

4. Flow – Scalable And Developer-friendly Smart Contract Network

Flow is a folklore legend in the NFT and metaverse space. The blockchain, launched in 2018 under the Dapper Labs umbrella, created the first-ever NFT gaming platform, Crypto Kitties.

The platform runs on a scalable and developer-friendly interface, allowing users to build and create games, apps, and other content easily and cost-effectively. Flow has continued to grow in the past couple of days despite strong bearish sentiments in the broader market. Growing integrations have this continued growth.

According to a recent tweet, Flow has partnered with web3 merchandise company Web3 wear to launch the protocol’s first-ever digital wearable called Flowverse Sockdemption.

At press time, FLOW, Flow’s native token, is trading at $1.48, down 52.1% in the past month. This current price places FLOW as one of the NFTs going cheap at the moment.

5. Tezos (XTZ) – Self-Amenable Protocol

Tezos is one of the most popular smart contract networks in the crypto space. The protocol offers users high-performance, low fees, and decentralised operations. Tezos is the only protocol that runs network upgrades without a significant impact on its overall performance.

The blockchain’s developers have announced that the protocol is future-proof and that it will continue to increase its capacity without sacrificing any of its fundamentals. Tezos has continued to attract companies into the digital art space and recently concluded a 3-day immersive festival covering art, fashion and music in London.

The digital asset is trading at $1.36, down 28.7% in the past month. This makes it one of the top NFTs going cheap this month.


We have explored the best NFTs trending on Twitter and trading at a discount. However, our top pick for the best NFTs going cheap is Lucky Block NFT.

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