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The remarkable growth of the NFT sector over the past two years has been exceptional. Around 250,000 people still trade NFTs on OpenSea every month, and the entire market was worth around $14 billion at the end of 2021.

With these numbers, it’s not surprising that NFT hunters are still looking for the best NFTs to buy at the minting stage, hoping to flip them later.

Thousands of NFTs drop every month, and it’s time-consuming to go through them all. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. This article covers the best NFTs to flip minting in July 2022.

The best NFTs to flip minting in July 2022

Purchasing the NFT during the minting stage provides the best possible return on your investment. Here are the top 3 upcoming NFT mints in July 2022 that you can flip for a profit down the line.

  1. Awesome Possums – A wholesome NFT project aimed to change mental health stigma
  2. Zoothereum – An NFT project where fantasy meets reality
  3. MekaRim – A Transformers-inspired NFT project with a 3D metaverse game

Awesome Possums

Awesome Possums Abbey Road Banner

Awesome Possums is grounded in a wholesome ethos as it’s the world’s first NFT project aimed at empowering mental health awareness and addiction recovery.

The project’s mission is to reshape the journey of mental health, and they are pioneers in using blockchain technologies, NFTs, and social media to spread their message.

Awesome Possums is a community-orientated project that brings together like-minded people in a community that provides self-development techniques such as tasks, seminars, and events to help Possums holders stay on top of their mental health.

When do the Awesome Possums NFTs drop?

Awesome Possums Roadmap

The project will launch its NFT collection in a public sale on July 12th, 2022. The NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain, and they are ERC-721 tokens that serve as utility tokens to access the Awesome Possums ecosystem.

In total, 12,000 Awesome Possums NFTs will be launched in their first top-tier collection. Of these 12,000, ten will be super rare NFTs – these will be extremely difficult to get hold of.

Another 2,000 will be hyper-realistic NFTs, given to the project’s most prominent promoters and adopters. Lastly, 3,000 more NFTs will be held by the team for marketing purposes.

Each NFT will cost a total of 0.08 ETH to mint during the public sale. However, there is an opportunity to mint the NFTs for 0.055 ETH during the pre-sale on July 9th, 2022. The total number of NFTs allowed will be restricted to just three mints per wallet in the pre-sale and five mints per wallet in the public sale.

Besides having an opportunity to flip, another great thing about getting hold of these NFTs is that the proceeds go to a great cause. The team plans to donate a large portion of the revenues to organizations already making substantial contributions to mental health and addiction treatment.

Some charities already lined up are,,, and

The NFTs also grant access to the Awesome Possums ecosystem. One of its best features is its private Discord server, focused on personal development and community support. It is a space where Possums holders can share ideas and knowledge and support one another. Additionally, the Discord server hosts mental health check-in sessions that professionals run.

In addition, the Awesome Possums team has created a solid incentive structure to keep Possums holders invested in the project’s mission statement.

awesome possums project

Dubbed “The Road,” the inventive structure involves organizing generous giveaways such as luxury holidays and event tickets. It also involves making the first donation to the charitable organizations the team has lined up. Lastly, there are plans on The Road to provide at least five $10,000 scholarships for low-income students.

The Road doesn’t stop there. The team has further plans in the roadmap to launch its own charity focused on addiction recovery. The charity will sponsor 100% of the costs for addicts seeking a treatment program.

They also plan to launch an animated series, produce a VR game to enter the metaverse and create the Awesome Possums Podcast, where fully recovered addicts can share their road to recovery.

Lastly, it is important to note that the team is fully dedicated to growing Awesome Possums over the long term. Founded by Nicholas Brison, members of the team have witnessed family members struggle with mental health and drug abuse. Therefore, they have first-hand experience in the problem and what is required to help find a solution.

Overall, the NFTs set to drop in July will provide an excellent opportunity to flip down the road because Awesome Possums is dedicated to the long-term success of its mission.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.


Zoothereum Featured Image

Zoothereum describes itself as a place where fantasy meets reality. The NFT collection contains aliens, dinosaurs, and everything in between.

Initially launched on January 1st, 2022, the Zoothereum project aims to combine digital assets, computer graphics, and gaming into one ecosystem. The project has grown considerably since its launch as they have 15,500 Twitter followers and 4,000 members on its Discord server.

They launched by revealing 900 NFT eggs minted on the Ethereum blockchain, which contain hidden features and hatch into rare 3D art-styled NFT creatures. The hatched NFTs can be anything from mythological creatures, extinct animals, or futuristic robots. Even after the eggs are hatched, they remain NFTs. So, you get two NFTs with one purchase!

There are many types of eggs that hatch to produce unique features in the creatures. Some eggs include Artic Eggs, Robotic Eggs, Island Eggs, and Mayan Eggs. The hottest of them all is set to be released in July 2022 – the Egyptian Egg.

When do the Zoothereum NFTs drop?

Zoothereum has a planned mint in July dubbed “Mint 1.5”. This event will release 12 unique characters in the Zoothereum world. Some of the characters include Shaman, Samurai, Anubis, and Odin. Each of these characters has three variations and is limited to 100 per variation.

The NFTs in Mint 1.5 will be available on July 10th, and the cost per mint will be 0.05 ETH.

The team behind the project has over 15 years of experience in the computer graphics industry. They have been Hodlers in the cryptocurrency market since 2105 and are excited to see crypto meeting the computer graphics industry to create NFTs.

In total, there will be around 3900 NFTs available when all of the scheduled mints are completed. The NFTs are designed to be used in the upcoming Zoothereum game, a virtual world where the extinct and mythological creatures meet the robots.



MekaRim is an NFT project that is launching a play-to-earn 3D Alien multiverse game. Inspired by the Transformers and Gundam Wing worlds, the MekaRim team are experts in developing games, 3D designing, animation, and advertising.

The story of the game centers around the Earth being targeted by the aliens after chaos spreads across the globe. Humans must team up with the Meka Rim Jaegers to help defend the world. The NFTs will be the future avatars for the players in the play-to-earn metaverse. In the game, players can complete quests to earn $CORE tokens and NFTs.

MekaRim is quickly gaining popularity, and its NFT drop is expected to be one of the hottest events in the month. The project has amassed over 63,000 followers on Twitter, with another 10,000 members inside their Discord group.

When do the Mekarim NFTs drop?

The NFTs for the game are set to launch in a public sale on July 23rd, 2022. In the sale, a total of 10,000 generative Jaeger NFT will be available to be minted, each having hundreds of different elements to make them unique in the gameplay. The team favors quality over quantity and has done its best to ensure each Jaeger is as individual as possible.

There is a pre-sale on July 16th, 202, and the cost of minting the NFTs will be 0.15 ETH in both sales.

Further down the line, in Q4 2022, the team will release Meka Ships minting and a community merch store.

The game itself is to launch in Q3 2023.


The article covers our opinions on the best NFTs to flip minting in July 2022. All the NFTs mentioned above are set to be released in the coming weeks, and it will be essential to get your hands on them as quickly as possible.

In our opinion, the best option on this list is undoubtedly Awesome Possums, as they utilize NFTs and communities to provide a wholesome impact on society. In addition, the long-term outlook from the team provides a clear roadmap of where the project is heading and what will bring value to your NFT later.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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