The landscape of newsrooms everywhere is rapidly changing as more brands employ native advertising to generate brand awareness.

A recent Forbes article talks about the once linear progression of stories. The reporter would write the story, it’d go through a series of edits, and then it’d be published, reaching the end consumer through the printing press and distribution methods, such as planes, trains, cars, and satellites.

Although that process is far from extinct, the influx of digital media used to access information is changing that landscape. Below the linear chart, the article aligns various methods of content reaching highly defined audiences. One of those methods is native advertising.

Native Advertising Gives Brands a Louder Voice

With well read publications, such as Forbes magazine, giving brands a platform to inform specific audiences, company’s voices are shouting from the rooftops louder than ever before. Businesses gain a closer reach to target audiences, while publications are able to monetize their content. It’s a win-win.

Consumers aren’t suffering either. 70% of people prefer learning about products through content instead of traditional advertising according to an article. And Dedicated Media Insights found that people view native ads 53% more often than banner ads.

With more readers consuming native advertising, brands voices are louder and more pronounced than ever before.

How You Can Expose Your Brand Voice Through Native Advertising

It’s important to note that native advertising isn’t an opportunity to sell, sell, sell. This advertising medium is better suited for value-based content. The goal is to wow readers with so much value that your brand gets credit as the authority in your field.

It’s your opportunity to plant a seed that your product is needed. It’s your opportunity to inform your audience about what’s important to look for when buying. And, it’s your opportunity to position your brand as an expert in your niche.

Through these opportunities, native advertisements give your brand a platform to let your voice be heard. Instead of hiding behind banner ads and other traditional forms of advertising, this content exposes your personality. You’re brought out of the shadows in a way that consumers want to hear from you.


Native advertising is the perfect way to spread the word about what you offer, but it goes way beyond promoting your business. This is your chance to solidify your brand and develop a lasting relationship with a core audience.