Entrepreneurs, these days, are making their presence felt across all industries, products, generations as well as cultures and one of the most crucial factors which determine the outreach and popularity of these entrepreneurs are nothing but their success. Not only this, each generation of entrepreneurs comes with their own strategies as well ideas and these success stories and lessons are gradually passed on from one generation of entrepreneurs to another. Especially a field as diverse as well as unpredictable as advertising often involves stories of entrepreneurs who have made it big in the industry on accounts of their foresightedness and strategic business approach.

Some of the lessons which have helped numerous long-term and sustainable entrepreneurs in achieving huge success not only in the advertising industry rather all industries are listed here:

  • Be open to failures. Always accept failures as part of your journey and never lose hope and motivation when it comes to striding towards making your way towards success in the world of advertising.
  • A curious mind attracts great thoughts and makes way for the creation/ invention of great products.
  • Always keep your eyes open to new and challenging opportunities. In the advertising industry, it is a rather challenging task looking for new ideas and innovations and thus it is important to always keep your mind and eyes open to new ideas and opportunities.
  • If you have often seen successful people making their share of contribution to the society, it is because of their mindset of giving something back to the world. As part of a co-dependent society, each one of us has some responsibility towards one another and being successful or even being able to achieve your goals should always inculcate in you the willingness to give something back to the world and society.
  • Out of all the ingredients which are required to achieve success in any particular field or industry, time is the most crucial. Customers, money, and ideas are all factors which come and go irrespective of any time constraints but time is one commodity in any business which is always constant and finite.
  • One often gets to hear that the customer is always right when it comes to any kind of business; however, the truth is that the customer does not always have to be right. People are often seen going beyond their reach and scope in order to please their customers. This, however, is a wrong practice and can cause both your business as well as your brand great loss during any point of time. As a rule, avoid clients who are taking up too much of your valuable time, especially those who have unrealistic expectations and ideas in hand!
  • Remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes to achieving great heights in the field of advertising and marketing. Cheap shortcuts not only make your business and brand name look bad in the eyes of customers; rather it might also lead to unrealistic expectations in the market which again brings bad name for your business in the long run.
  • Outsourcing is yet another foolproof way of taking your advertising and marketing business to a whole new level. It benefits all businesses in a way that there is no need for maintaining an extensive brood of employees and also enables you to make sure that you get quality work done on behalf of your business organization.

Below are some of the top notch native advertising platforms in the world which have carved a niche and influencing stories for themselves in the world of advertising and marketing.


Revcontent is one of the fastest growing content and advertising companies in the world. With more than 250 billion recommendations coming their way every month, Revcontent has managed to garner a network of several high yielding clients, such as Forbes, PayPal, AirBnB, Newsweek, Jack Daniels, Lexus, KFC, International Business Times, and Reuters among others.

John Lemp – CEO and Founder (Revcontent)

“For us, one of the biggest strategic decisions was to focus on people – whether it’s our media partners, consumers or our employees. For consumers, we learn from them and connect with them to build a relationship. Our focus will always be on people in every area of our organization, and I can confidently say that is our biggest differentiator and the sole reason for our growth.”


AdNow is a popular name in the digital marketing circles. This advertising company provides widget- based advertisements to publishers which further helps them in monetizing their websites for maximum benefits and returns. With a publisher base of more than 150,000, AdNow came into existence in the year 2014 and their experience in Product recommendation, Effective advertising, Big Data and Content discovery has helped them garner more than 4.2 billion impressions across more than 107 countries.

Vladimir Bashkin – Business Development Director (AdNow)

“People tend to forget that money is the means, not the end. Your profits are a mere tool to achieve a higher goal. In AdNow case, money always was just a thing to spend on quality, because what is the point of high profits if public opinion about you is low? Our minds were always set on worldwide coverage and we’ve achieved the result of over 150 000 partners from 114 countries in recent 2 years. We’ve worked hard, we’re proud of results and we’re not going to stop. I am sure that when money became your only concern you’re about to fail.”


Outbrain is a one of a kind content network which enables publishers to not only advertise their content on the internet; rather also earn decent revenue by sponsoring the advertised content on their websites.

Yaron Galai – CEO and Co-Founder (Outbrain)

“Since the day we started Outbrain, and in every opportunity since, I’ve repeatedly said, “the currency of our market is not dollars, but rather, our currency is consumer trust.” Our entire business model is based on users finding our recommendations interesting and trustworthy so they engage with them. Consumer trust is at the core of our business. And when I say “Our,” I mean it as both Outbrain and of our publisher and marketing partners. The current dollars we earn are meaningless to me, IF they come at the cost of long-term erosion in consumer trust.”