Matt Baglia here. I’m the founder and CEO of top SMS marketing provider, Let me set one thing straight. Although SMS marketing is totally “old hat” to our team, it still hasn’t really gone mainstream yet. There are tons of myths and misconceptions out there about this mobile communication tactic. Honestly, most are completely warranted. Before I knew anything about SMS, I thought the same way. Instead of glossing over these statements, I want to address each one in a super informative blog post. Here’s a list of common oppositions I’ve heard to SMS marketing, and why they’re completely false.

People will think my text messages are spam.

This is one we hear a lot. Like seriously, probably 1 out of every 3 customers has this concern. Trust us, we get it. We aren’t one of those black hat providers. We want subscribers to truly find value in your marketing messages. That’s exactly why we offer a dedicated, shared short code. Instead of sending your messages from a random long code number (i.e. (123) 456-7890), we send them from a professional looking short code, which is 31996. On top of that, we wrote the SMS Marketer’s Compliance Guide. We brief all new users on these legal guidelines and best practices before sending their first campaign.

No one will open my texts.

Business owners don’t want their marketing messages to find an unfortunate end in the virtual trash bin. Well, let me start off by spewing out some straight up fact. 99% of text messages are opened and read within five minutes of delivery. 99% means essentially almost everyone checks out your texts. Sure, you might have a handful that blatantly ignore your communication, but these are people that probably shouldn’t be on your list to begin with. Finally, did you know the average American looks at his or her cell phone 150+ times a day? Bet you didn’t. With these two statistics alone, this concern definitely isn’t warranted.

I can’t afford SMS marketing.

Now, this reason alone might be valid with some of the other, more expensive providers. But, our platform actually offers a free plan. This isn’t a free trial, nope. It’s actually free forever, should you choose to never upgrade. Now, even if you sign up for a paid plan with us or another provider, you can still make sure you’re experiencing a great return.


Know how to calculate return on investment (ROI) and cost per acquisition (CPA).

Gross Sales as a Result of SMS Marketing – Cost of SMS Marketing Plan = Return on Investment

Cost of Your Opt In Incentive + Cost of One SMS Message = Cost Per Acquisition

After examining these numbers, you’ll truly know if SMS marketing is really a long term solution for you and your business.

Got any more questions about SMS marketing? Leave your replies in the comments below, and I’ll follow up with some tips. I want all small business owners to find success with SMS. In 2016, it’s time for you to either go mobile, or get left behind.