This other day I was working on my desk, had found my mojo and was trying to write an awesome blog post and suddenly my phone started ringing. Wrong number. Totally killed my flow and I almost forgot what I was working on. Bad push notifications give the similar experience, like all the push notifications, they will catch your attention, lure you into opening them but leave you disappointed.

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But push notifications are necessary, right? They bring us all the information, humor and offers we need at the right time in the shortest possible way. Majority of the working hours of app marketers is spent on writing numerous push notifications every day. It can become hard to hammer out original, fresh and effective multiple push notifications daily from their creative minds. What defines a ‘good’ push notification? How to write a push notification copy that gets maximum opens and converts? If at all you get stranded and confused on how you should go about writing the copy of your next, here are a few hacks that can be followed in order to write your next effective push notification that converts:

Humor is the way to go:

Get this: you’re working in your office, feeling all stressed up, in the midst of all the deadlines, peer pressure and what not! Wouldn’t it be really nice to receive a push notification that relieves your stress, gives you something to look forward to, or maybe give you an offer you cannot refuse? You really don’t have to be a standup comedian to bring in humor, you simply have to play with words a bit. Let’s check out the following example to understand better.

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Show transparency, surprise them:

Truth is, everybody lies. All the time. It would be very surprising if someone showed honesty for a change. Be honest in your notifications by even admitting your mistakes. Let your users know you care for them and would not send random gibberish just for the sake of sending a push notification. Customers will not think twice before deciding to disassociate themselves from your brand if they even have an iota of feeling that they have been tricked.

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Be a helping hand. Always:

Apps are being developed for one single most important purpose: to make people’s lives easy and fast and help them in every which way possible. It is a no brainer that this purpose must be followed while creating the drafts of all your push notification copies. Just be clear of what services you provide in your app and stick to the basics, just make sure to not try hard to bring people on the app because it does not do any good.

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Be short. Because short is more:

Get this, every user you send your push notification to has at least 20 other apps on their device and like you all other app marketers are working hard day and night to snatch the users’ attention to bring them on their apps. Meanwhile, if you go full on with too many words in your push, do you think with an extremely short attention span, your users are going to open your push? Think again. The rule of thumb says to be crisp in your copy and choose your words very carefully to catch the attention even with the least number of words.

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Be emotional:

Stay updated with the current affairs, with the glamour industry, sports because being proactive is the first habit that every effective app marketer has ever embraced. Whether it is the death of Hodor, Ramsey or resurrection of Jon Snow or Mike going to prison or Michael Phelps going full swing on Olympic golds, use these little tricks to resonate with your users and you might just get numerous conversions.

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To conclude, might I also suggest you to follow these best practices while you are at writing the world changing copy of your next push notification to boost conversions significantly. Remember, you write messages not for you but for your users. Always think about the segmentation of your audience before strategizing your next push campaign.

Originally published on ShepHertz blog.