iPhone and Android users are waking up to a brand new Twitter application that will make it easier for users to find and search for new information. We all know mobile is becoming the place to be and Twitter finally woke up and smelled the coffee. We’re not saying they were behind as it’s tough to keep up these days! iPhone owners can download the new app from the App Store for free.

Are you familiar with the Discover Tab on the web version of Twitter.com? If so, you’ll be happy to know you can now find it on your smartphone as well. Like the web version, the Discover tab will help you find the tweeps that have retweeted your content or favorited you. You can also find out who your followers are following and or adding to lists too. Pretty cool right?

Additionally, Twitter upgraded its search function to enable users to see a variety of suggestions for different spellings or related search terms. This will help all of the poor spellers across the globe!

Twitter made some improvements and upgrades specifically for iPhone users as well. When you tap the search box in the Discover tab, you’ll see your most recent queries. You can also go directly to a profile when searching for a username in Connect. This will definitely enhance your Twitter experience should you decide to purchase the next iPhone which is due to come out this fall too!

Are you a Twitter-holic that loves to engage and interact on your beloved iPhone? These upgrades are for you! Twitter added push notifications for interactions. Now you’ll know as soon as your tweets re retweeted, favorited, as well as when someone new follows your account. As always, you can adjust these settings if you don’t feel like getting notified every five minutes. It’s hard being this popular!

Have you upgraded to the new version of Twitter on your iPhone? How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget you can follow iHospital on Twitter too at @iHospital. We look forward to seeing you there!