It’s that time again for World Cup fever to set in. Get the wall planners out, pre-record matches; plan nights out to watch the big game, plan nights in with beers and a takeaway. We all love the excitement of World Cup; even if we’re not massively into football we’re likely to be in a sweepstake just to give us someone to cheer on!

It’s also a known fact that with World Cup comes spending. The host nation is likely to reap the most benefit but that doesn’t mean that your local bar, hotel, club, restaurant, take away or corner shop doesn’t have a look in!  Venues across the world will be hanging big screens on every wall space possible this weekend in preparation for this year’s World Cup hosted in Brazil, for those who cannot afford to be there, making the most of the atmosphere at home can be just as exciting.

The timing of matches this year are perfect for Europe too, from 3pm until 11pm it’s an ideal time to watch a game of football after a long working day. Find us one bar manager who isn’t already thinking of ways to make money from the World Cup this June…

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