Mobile payment equipment

With Starbucks and Subway both letting customers pay with Google Wallet at many of their locations, it’s only a matter of time before a major retailer makes the leap, and the rest will follow.

Mobile Commerce Daily notes that retailers haven’t been quick to embrace mobile payments yet, but this may be due to them not having the right equipment to make it possible. “Part of the problem is that retailers who do not already have contactless POS devices need to make a decision on which technology is going to be right for them, whether it is bar codes, NFC or something else. The complexity of mobile payments is also a challenge. There are many hurdles including POS readiness, POS clerk training, customer interest, card economics and new fraud types.”

Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems, said that as more and more consumers learn about  mobile payments, the likelier it is that they’ll begin to demand that stores accept them. The on-the-go consumer is all about convenience, and mobile payments (if implemented correctly) will provide a fast and easy way for consumers to pay.

Mobile Commerce Daily also explained that, “Retailers need to be sure they are really ready for mobile payments because any missteps here could cost them. This means ensuring that their back-end systems sync up with what they are doing at POS.”

We want to know: Are you interested in mobile payments or will you stick to traditional methods?