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When we think about apps doing virtually anything and everything the thought is just that – virtual. While they may affect our lives in various ways, most apps don’t really have a direct physical impact. Most attempt to change the world by changing other people’s behaviors or the way they think about certain things. GlassesOff is claiming that it’s able to fix your vision without the need for surgery.

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The app addresses presbyopia, the formal name of the condition that causes your eyesight to deteriorate as you get older. It’s a growing concern for more and more people, but GlassesOff says it can repair the damage done to your eyesight of the years and possibly even give you better eyesight than ever before!

Nimrod Madar, the CEO of the company that makes the app, says it’s all possible because vision actually occurs in the brain. While this is true, there are a lot of physical systems involved in eyesight that can’t simply be addressed by looking at a screen.

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What the app tries to do is change the way your brain interprets the light it absorbs through your eyes. The app shows you images throughout 12 – 15 minute sessions that train you to look for distinct patterns in less than a second. These flashed images stimulate the brain in order to create the neural pathways it needs to produce better vision.

Regardless of how far-fetched it may sound, it seems to work. Two researchers published a paper in the academic journal Nature that described just how effective the process being used by the app works on people with eyesight degeneration due to the aging process.

It’s one of the more expensive apps on the market – costly $59 after a free trial which consumers can use to determine if the app will really work for them.