Here’s a creative and really interesting use for QR codes: Wikipedia is turning them into a mobile travel guide for tourists. They’ve chosen Monmouth, Britain as the recipient of their first QR code project that will provide user-generated content about the city.

Here’s how it works: “QR codes [will] cover the whole town so locals can create articles about interesting and notable places, people, artifacts, flora, and other attractions,” says Mobile Marketer.

What’s so unique about this QR code project is that it allows locals – and who knows their own city better than the people living in it – to create the content that will go into the QR codes. Then, tourists will see the QR codes appearing around town on plaques for them to scan.

Wikipedia even thought ahead by giving the option for those scanning the QR codes to view the articles in multiple languages.

Mobile Marketer also noted that “[The] articles will have geotags to allow a virtual tour of the town using the Wikipedia layer on Google Streetview and Google Maps and will be available in augmented reality software including Layar.”

The Monmouth, Britain QR code project has been labeled ‘Monmouthpedia’ and will be using QRpedia codes. If the project is successful, you can expect Wikipedia to bring their QRpedia codes to a city near you!

Tell us: What do you think of QR codes being used for tourism purposes? Do you think they’d be helpful or a hindrance?