Even in today’s office environment, there are still pockets of no-signal for mobile devices.  How many of us find a missed call that didn’t ring, a straight to voice-mail call or a text message that wouldn’t send? Although the outside world provides excellent mobile coverage, there are still issues with office buildings that limit mobile signal creating black spots of coverage.

New office buildings have to comply with the latest energy saving specifications to take advantage of new building materials and high technology reflective glass. However, this can create an environment that is impermeable to the outside world, increasing the issue for poor mobile phone signal.

With the massive uptake of modern smartphones and the unified applications they offer such as contact lists and one touch dialing, people will use their mobiles at their desks; whilst roaming around the building or during meetings. Regardless of their location, these “roaming users” require constant connection to the mobile network to receive and make calls and access their emails.

The latest 3rd Generation wireless network will allow suitably equipped** phones to use WiFi where the signal is stronger than the mobile 3G signals, to ensure that calls can always be made and received, and to make sure that people are always contactable. This system works with all IP phone systems to ensure that calls are still accounted for and routed according to corporate standards. But crucially, they can now be delivered more reliably within the building via the wireless network, or even over several buildings with a wireless bridge.

Not only will the wireless network support the 3G signal to give 100% reach, but also provide free calls across the corporate “intranet” (can be local and international) saving GSM minutes for when networks are out of reach. This will help reduce the mobile GSM usage and the need for such expensive tariffs which can then be renegotiated for a more affordable rate.

So, no more expensive contracts, missed calls, lost voice mails, and missed deadlines. With a well planned and secure office wireless network scoped to support voice for roaming users, you can do your job, whilst still occupying energy efficient buildings

** Installing a software client to the Mobile Phone allows calls to be made, and routed across the WiFi network.

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