Apple, the makers of the iconic iPhone, achieved an important milestone in the company’s history when it breached the 50-percent mark (53.3 percent to be exact) in terms of market share last year, up from 2011’s 35.8 percent performance. Much of this success is attributed to iPhone 5, the top US smartphone producer. It seems that it has completely deposed the former queen of the smartphone—the Canadian telecomm firm RIM (Research in Motion), the maker of BlackBerry.

Despite its resounding success at home, the Apple has failed to snag top post in the European market, with its closest rival Korean company Samsung Electronics maintaining its reign, registering a measly 25.3 percent market share as opposed to Samsung’s whooping 61 percent.

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Regardless, the iPhone line has captured many American imaginations, both from the lay public to the business people. Many have considered this smartphone an indispensable part of their everyday lives, along with other Apple-manufactured products such the Macbook and the iPad.

People in the business sector have much to gain in making the iPhone a permanent part of their daily operations. Bar none, the iPhone arguably is the most powerful smartphone out in the market today.

Why Should You Make Your Engagement with the iPhone Permanent?

  • The new operating system, iOS 6. This new operating system made only little improvements on the former OS, but it sure attracts a lot of positive reviews, especially from Apple fans. It does not aim to revolutionize, but rather refines on what has been formerly achieved which is nothing short of excellent. So basically, this is the same OS integrated in the first iPhones released way back in 2007. It reminds us of the French maxim “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”
  • Wide array of available business applications. Nothing can beat the sheer number of apps available in the Apple store. In terms of business applications, it is also without peer, with apps that have become indispensable in business operations. These apps ranges from the more utilitarian and general ones such as WatchDox, PocketCloud and Wunderlist to the more specialized ones such as Espensify, Webalo, and EasySign Mobile.
  • Faster and better connectivity. Apple’s latest iPhone model, the iPhone 5, sports a 4G/LTE cellular that has a largely improved Wi-Fi technology. Its dual-band 802 allows it to use 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks, with a theoretical top speed of 150 Mbps Wi-Fi. This means that you can enjoy better Internet-integrated features of your RingCentral business phone, such as Internet fax and document synching.
  • FaceTime. This app is excellent for making video calls from your Macbook to any other Apple device. This is used frequently by business people on the go when they want to make face-to-face contact with their loved one even across extensive physical distance. Though formerly this app can be used only over a Wi-Fi network, the iOS 6 allows users to use FaceTime even over cellular networks.
  • Do Not Disturb feature. This feature allows you to block inbound calls and notifications when you don’t want disturbed, such as when you’re in a meeting or you just want to catch some elusive rest. Notifications and alerts are then lined up once you turned the Do Not Disturb option off. It is also customizable, so you can allow incoming calls through from specific persons.

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