Well-developed enterprise apps catapult businesses to unprecedented heights with the almost unrivaled way that they can boost all aspects involved in managing them. Of course, the keyword here is “well-developed”. And, more often than not, the platform you choose for enterprise app development immediately influences how good your app will turn out.

In mobile app development, only two app development services are widely recognized: Android and iOS. However, the former actually outmatches the latter when it comes to enterprise apps. Many companies prefer Android app development, and the stats can prove this. And yes, developing an Android mobile app for business is definitely recommended for entrepreneurs or companies meaning to have a dedicated app to assist them. As for the reasons behind this, simply take the time to read the ones we’ve outlined below.

Android App Development

Why It’s Best to Develop Enterprise Apps on Android?

Android apps attract a lot of users to their services due to a number of factors. Most of the time, these immediately reveal themselves, especially if you start trying out an exceptionally developed Android app. Here are majority of the compelling reasons that serve to highlight why Android apps have that inimitable pull.

  • Caters Well to Beginners

Business owners revel in the fact that Android app development is easy to grasp due to it being entirely open source. Pretty much all the SDK libraries of the platform readily make themselves available to budding developers at extremely low-cost prices. This bodes well for anyone intending to get their feet wet and have their ideas for their business come to life in app form.

  • Outstanding Graphics Support

Design occupies a great bulk of what’s essential in an app, as many app development tips have already asserted in the past. Android app development provides ready support for optimal graphics design, as evidenced by their incorporation of advanced and intuitive graphics rendered in either 2D or 3D.

  • Variety in Customization

Your app needs to stand out, and customization ensures this. And that’s another aspect that’s great about developing apps on Android. Compared to iOS app development, which has limited options to offer in terms of customizing apps, Android app development is simply more flexible when it comes to allowing developers to make quick changes to app architecture and to integrate unique features into their respective apps.

  • A Wider Overall Audience

In fact, Android dominates the smartphone arena, having about 80% of smartphone patronage worldwide. This alone offers unlimited access to an equally gargantuan market for businesses to tap on. With this big a slice in the proverbial pie and popularity, it’s no wonder it’s become practically a necessity for companies to opt for Android. Not doing so simply equates to missing out on such a gold mine replete with opportunities.

  • Very Economical

In terms of development costs, Android mobile app development overtakes the competition because of their low-cost yet very efficient tools. You can always efficiently build apps with solid features with the cost-effective tools they make available.

  • Efficient Marketing Tools

Of course, marketing your app becomes a priority after development. What’s so stellar about this Google platform is that it readily provides tools for app marketing. From increasing brand visibility to boosting sales, all these essential aspects coalesce in the marketing tools they provide that range from push notifications and data acquisition to customer support and increasing volumes of conversions and sales.

Apps developed on Android can be seamlessly incorporated into websites and social media accounts. Essential data like demographics, interests, and buyer behavior can be gathered easily for analysis and optimization of campaigns. Notifications, on the other hand, inform users immediately about new offers. These are but some of the ways these tools greatly assist in your marketing efforts and make your user aware of how well-developed enterprise app benefits them.

  • Enjoys Full Support from Google

The Big G still enjoys quite a substantial monopoly over fundamental aspects of internet marketing. Just think about the waves that their policy mobile-first index caused, and you’ll see just how much influence this giant of a search engine has. Of course, it’s more than willing to shower its support on its.

The way most of Google’s services smoothly integrate themselves with Android devices promptly underscores this fact. May it be Gmail, Docs, Drive, or Maps, all of these necessities are always within arms’ reach in Android. Android apps practically give developers the advantage of leveraging all that Google has to offer. And what could be better than having a giant at your side?

  • Great Multi-Tasking Capabilities

Businesses require versatility when it comes to multi-tasking as it’s one sure way of increasing efficiency and productivity. Android apps have this distinctive quality as evidenced by the way they allow developers to build feature-packed apps that make the outstanding enterprise app benefits available for businesses to partake of.

Having the ability to conduct more than one activity at the same on an app enhances overall user experience. We need not pontificate on the utter importance of the said factor in apps, so this greatly stresses the equal importance of multitasking capabilities.

Videos should be playable, for example, while the user is browsing other content; the same can be said when the user is looking for another item to buy while payment for a previous item is already being processed without any issues. Efficiency is equal parts the ability to do more than one activity and being able to do it excellently every time, after all.

  • Smooth Integration with Third-Party Platforms

From cloud databases to hardware and customer support software to mail servers, practically all of these platforms remain integral for proper development of enterprise apps. Android mobile app development is very open to integration and cross-promotion during both the app development and marketing phases.

Wearable technology, GPS integration, BLE and mBAAS integration, and even incorporation of third-party apps are all possible in Android app development. For the consummate business owner, will you settle for anything less than this comprehensive arsenal?


Businesses certainly enjoy plenty of benefits with an enterprise app developed solely on Android. It technically overtakes the competition in this regard, and it does not appear to be showing signs of being surpassed any time soon. This is why developing a mobile app for business on Android should be considered a no-brainer.

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