With the economy hanging by a thin thread around the world and the job market getting leaner by the day, it came as a surprise when WhistleTalk got backing of about $400k (about Rs 2cr) from Hyderabad Angels Fund. Intrigued by the news, I went to their site looking for reasons they grabbed such a great deal. Surprisingly, I found a job site that leveraged the power of social networking (no, this is unlike LinkedIn) and reputation management to the best.

What is WhistleTalk?

The way they have subtly put ‘WhistleTalk is a social hiring app’, but beyond that, Vinoo & Ajay have understood the power of social and are leveraging it, so that employers and employees can make the best possible use of it, that is sharing a job opportunity!

How does it work?

Whistle talk app

Conceptually, it’s quite a breeze to understand how WhistleTalk would work – you come to know about an opportunity, you share it, WhistleTalk makes it viral in your network, which goes deeper and someone else in your network shares further, from which person x gets selected. So the one who shared the opportunity gets ‘referral bonus’ and others in the chain earn ‘reputation’. Fantastic! Read further on.

On to the real app, once you have setup the account, it asks what the user wants to do – share a job opportunity or look for a job. The first option takes you to the screen sharing your official mail id and later it will ask for the details about the opportunity that needs to be shared. Post which, it asks for the social network that you would like to share the opportunity on. Once the platforms are linked, jobs are shared to those platforms. In case, someone in the network decides to apply for the opportunity that is shared, you can track the progress.

For someone who is looking out for an opportunity, the way it works is – you link the social platforms and put your career & aspiration details on WhisteTalk. When you’re done, the relevant opportunities from your friend’s WhistleTalk page and other platforms get visible.

Whistle talk app

How cool is the app?

Incredible! That is how I can sum up my experience. No, it might not be only because they have leveraged social networking, but also because they have taken care of some finer nuances of account activation over email, making sure that the opportunities being shared are genuine (by linking the user’s official mail id). These small security measures go a long way to understand that the team has indeed thought through while developing the app and it’s not any ‘run of the mill’ kind of app.

Other than that, they also earn some more brownie points with the kind of detailing that has been done while capturing the opportunity. They have taken up the finer nuances of knowing a ‘functional area’ of work, which is hardly done by anyone in their line of business. (Naukri and the likes, yes, but they work with a different approach)

Now talking about them leveraging social networking platforms, what surprised me was their use of Google contacts. I have hardly seen any apps linking to Google and drawing contacts from there, usually its Facebook and Twitter. Indeed good of them to link Google!

To sum it up, use WhistleTalk now, if you haven’t already done. Share or grab an opportunity, because this is an app that has the capacity to help you immensely. Indeed Hyderabad Angels have made a worthy investment!