Companies are missing the opportunity to reach their mobile investors.  Last week I read an interesting app roundup story in the online edition of The Wall Street Journal that included a “Best Way to Manage Your Money” section featuring apps that simplify your banking, analyze your spending, etc.  The story, however, missed an important aspect of apps for money management.  Glaringly absent was any mention of apps that can help investors keep tabs on their investments. Glaringly absent was any mention of apps for today’s mobile investor.

The article cited an impressive 15,485 apps listing finance as their primary category in the Apple App Store.  Of these, there are less than 100 investor relations specific apps presently available across all app stores.  That means less than 1% of finance apps are designed to reach the mobile investor. My conclusion, when you look at the names of some of the companies with IR apps (e.g. Sysco, BP, Nestle, Walmart, Edwards Lifesciences, TSYS), is that the industry is just beginning to recognize the importance of a mobile investor relations strategy.

Consider for a moment the definition of investor relations. It is the art of communicating value.  This includes 2 things:  the message a company seeks to deliver regarding its valuation and the medium by which it gets its message across.  With the proliferation of mobile devices around the world, IR apps offer public companies the opportunity to break through the clutter and push information to investors in a new format, and, just as importantly, make it easy for the mobile investor to secure information whenever and wherever they are.

The key takeaway from all of this: if you’re a public company that wants to make it easier for your mobile investors to manage their money, make sure you have an IR app solution in place.