The recent 24 hour ban on the Whatsapp Plus users didn’t come in as a surprise. With Whatsapp tolerating these clones for quite some time now, such a move was more on the expected lines.

For the starters, Whatsapp Plus happens to be an unauthorized version of the mother app, using the same source code but with minor tweaks and additional perks. This version allows the user to change the app layout, background and add in several selections in terms of color and customizations. The dominance showcased did pose a few threats to the popularity of the existing application, making the ban look more of an obvious step.

Ban Spanning Wider than Expected

Not just the ‘Plus’ version but other subsidiaries like WhatsApp MD and even the OGWhatsApp had to face the wrath but sans a prior intimation. For some imposters however, the ban extended up to a period of 72 hours. While this doesn’t change anything in terms of third party popularity, Whatsapp seems to be making itself heard by putting in the reforms, slowly but steadily.

Property Rights Violated

Every application has a definite source code which marks the intellectual property rights associated with it. Adapting the same has been allowed by the company in past but now with Whatsapp being a popular choice on the computer, the organization brings in desist and cease letters into the mix.

Tolerating these third party applications was pretty empathetic of Whatsapp but with the introduction of the web chat client and other steps towards revamping the interface, the company is willing to get hold some stricter reforms.

The Facebook Push

With the legal backing of Facebook, WhatsApp is all set to put an end to these third-party associations, embarking on the necessity of the official app for continuation of the services. While the customization choices are still limited, the efficacy of this messenger is still unmatched.  Some might actually be considering Skype and Viber as alternate resources but the ever growing client base of 700 million and counting works readily in favor of Whatsapp.

Third-party issues weren’t this cumbersome even a few months back but with Facebook in picture, stringent reforms are more or less expected. The 24 hour ban might just be the beginning as Whatsapp might shut down these third-party applications permanently, in days to come.