Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For mobile app owners it’s yet another opportunity to offer their users a timely service, and it’s not all about shopping, chocolates or flowers.
If you have a flower delivery business it’s safe to say that your valentine’s-day-related campaigns across all channels are ready by now and it’s just a matter of hitting the button and firing them on February 14th. But every business and every mobile app can gain value from offering Valentine’s Day specials.

Let’s explore a few examples of ways to communicate with your app users in a way that is timely, personalized and ultimately fulfills your business goals.

Introduce new content to help them prepare for the big night
V-day is a great time not just for helping users buy gifts for their loved ones but also to show some love for themselves. In this example, a makeup app created new tutorials for V-Day looks and can share it with its users in the week before or on the big day itself. This type of messages is a great opportunity to remind users your app is not static but dynamic.

Festive red hearts embedded inside the app can also add to this feeling. It’s not just brick-and-mortar stores that should decorate themselves for the holiday!


Introduce your target audience to enhanced or new functionality in your mobile app

Drive user loyalty to loved ones (and to your app)
Entertainment apps know a lot about their users, which means they can better personalize their apps for better user loyalty. In this example, a music app offers users a specially-made playlist to accompany their intimate dinner.


Make a timely suggestion that gets users to spend more time in the app

Give and cake!
Speaking of dinner: users of recipes app are probably already savvy cooks, but even great chefs make last-minute plans. In this example, a recipe app launches a recipe video for a special Valentine’s treat. This is an example of the true recipe for successful app interaction: you give real value to your users with this a timely offer and in return you can expose them to special ingredients, kitchenware or any other related product your app is promoting.


A video message is a great way to provide descriptive content in your app

It’s not just V-Day, it’s every day
Celebrating with your app users with timely communication that relates to the news of the day (sports, culture, music, whatever) isn’t reserved only for the big holidays. If you have the ability to publish messages, surveys, videos and more in a day’s notice, you’ll be always up-to-date in your users’ lives. By keeping up with customers’ pace you stand a much better chance to keep them loyal and drive them back to your app, again and again.