In the last few years, there has been a consistent growing of the app market. Usage and downloads of the apps have increased tremendously. The smart phone industry is still witnessing a growth and developers are looking at more app monetization strategies.

iPhone/Android app development cost

What complements it is the fact that most people use mobile apps – most of these apps are free of cost and easy to use, and even the paid ones normally do not cost a lot. The apps make life simpler, entertaining and more organized for most of us. We can connect and reconnect with people with the help of these apps. And some of these also keep track of our health and fitness. But what actually goes into developing these apps? And what does it actually cost to develop these apps? As an app entrepreneur, that might be the first question you have in your mind.

How much does it cost?

Developing an app is not so easy; there is a whole process involved that has to be followed to develop these apps. And this includes four major processes that you need to know as a developer.

  • The idea – before you even start the process of developing an app you need to have a clear idea about the concept of the app, the purpose it serves, or whether it is a game or an interactive or informative app, the total cost of developing this app and the rough idea about the revenues that can be expected out of this app.
  • Layout – after you are clear about the idea you need to have a proper knowledge about the functionality of the app. This involves having a proper understanding of how the app functions, how the different parts of the app interact with one another, and pressing what button does what and what else do you have to build. All this involves some amount and adds to the overall cost of the app
  • Design – the design comes into the picture after the idea and functionality of the app are clearly defined. The design includes the design of the icon, the screen page and all the other aspects which involve the app to look attractive and classy.
  • Starting the app – once you are done with all the nitty gritty of the design and layout all the files required to start an app, your setup is ready and you are ready to launch the app into the market.

The Different Apps

Have a look at the app store and you will majorly see these types of apps – there are a total of three types of apps you can find in the app store. These include:

  • Utility apps – these apps are simple and easy to use and display basic information and performs tasks for you right away An example of this app would be email apps,weather apps, traffic reports and sports reports.
  • Productivity apps – these apps are more complicated than the utility apps and do a lot more than provide just basic information. These include calendar apps, face book, instagram etc
  • Immersive apps – the main focus of these apps is content. They often include games and music apps.

The cost of developing these apps depends on the type of app, like the utility apps may usually cost around between $500 to 10000, and productivity apps like twitter may cost around $250000 and apps built by big companies may cost around $500,000 to $1,000,000.

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