If you have just bought an iPhone, you probably would be keen on knowing what are iPhone applications? iPhone applications are apps for your iPhone. Most of the iPhone apps are designed for the recent 3G model though it also works with the latest versions of the iPod touch. Just knowing what are iPhone applications is not enough, you also need to know how you can download it. Some application are offered free of cost, while for others you need to pay, no matter which application you choose, to be able to download it you need an iTunes store account.

The iPhone applications are more commonly known as “Apps.” These apps are certain software widget that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. After you download a new application you will see that a new icon has been added on your iPhone’s screen. This allows you to access to the application of your choice just by touching the icon that has been added on your screen. Since you can access the icon directly you will not need to keep using your web browser for the purpose.

This allows so much of time saving which is crucial for every modern customer. The iPhone applications opens door of tools and entertainment for the customers. Just knowing what are iPhone applications is not enough, you also need to know about the various types of applications available. The iPhone offers you thousands of applications that you can use. The various categories of iPhone applications include games, sports, entertainment, medical, education, business, fitness, travel, photography, news, music and so on.

In each of these categories you have free and paid iPhone applications to choose from. Just because they are free does not mean it is not worth getting downloaded. In fact both free and paid applications are equally good. It just depends on your interest which ones you will opt for. Tetris is the perfect example of the game category of iPhone applications. Once you visit the iTunes store and download the Tetris app, you will notice that a Tetris app icon will be added on your iPhone screen. To play the Tetris game you will just have to touch the icon and you are ready to get started. Tetris is one of the best selling paid games apps.

For those interested in business app, FedEx custom iPhone applications are amongst the best that you can opt for. It is a free application and after your download it from the iTunes store you just need to touch the FedEx app icon on your screen and enjoy direct access to Fedex tracking, shipping, and store location details. The built-in GPS system of your iPhone is made use of by the FedEx app to help you find out your nearest Fedex location. For the music lovers there are various music applications which are sure to leave you enthralled and make sure you enjoy your music like never before. There are various iPhone applications that allow you to be in touch with your friends absolutely free of cost. Now that you are aware of what are iPhone applications, start downloading them right away and get set to make the most of your cool iPhone.

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