Like many people, I practically live on my iPhone. I am pretty sure if I clocked ‘time spent’, at this point I log far more hours working on my phone than I do my laptop. Ok, that might be a stretch—but it certainly feels like I live on it 24/7. Aside from email and calls, mostly what I do is look things up. Yep, that’s right. I look things up. It sounds weird to type that, but I bet I am not alone. It’s literally the world’s information in the palm of your hand, right?

For example, I’m walking around the office and a topic comes up and we need some information. I open up my phone’s browser and do a quick search. I’m at dinner with my in-laws and they want to know something, so I grab my phone (mostly because I love to hear my mother-in-law say “Wow, you can look that up right on your phone?” She’s said it every single time I’ve looked something up on my phone, without fail, for the past 3 years).

If what I look up is interesting, then no doubt, I will want to spend more time on it later. When I am not on my phone. Like, I am at a conference and someone mentions a piece of software. So I search it, click and land. Here’s what I would love when I search, click and land with my phone: I’d love to land on a mobile page that gives me an option to email that page to myself.

What I really need when I am mobile is to check something out and then have an easy way to remind myself to take action on it when I am back at my computer. Yes, it’s true—I am less about taking action on my phone and more about reminding myself to take action later on.

I think many mobile marketers are making effective mobile pages. But could they be more useful? A useful page gives me an option to buy, call or send myself a link. I love what Anvil Media is doing with landing pages for their client, Insight Schools (using LiveBall, of course!).

So, my personal ideal mobile experience is pretty simple really, yet so few mobile landing pages offer these sorts of options. Ah, a girl can dream, right?