As a society, we are constantly being bombarded with information. But the way people consume these information has changed noticeably. People, today, prefer to consume more and more information from their handheld devices such as mobile phones and apps. Mobile devices account for more than 1/7th of global Internet traffic, study says. This means publishers, marketers and businesses need to make the transition to mobile platforms to reach their audience in the form of mobile-friendly websites and apps. The mobile Internet is expanding with the influx of mobile devices. Mobstac creates, powers and analyzes your mobile website and/or app, helping boost your business’ much-needed mobile presence.

The mobile Internet accounts for 15 percent of all global Internet traffic, a dramatic increase from only 4 percent at the start of 2011. Business Insider released the 2013 Year Ahead in Mobile report forecasting mobile Internet traffic as well as mobile device sales.

Smartphone shipments grew by more than the past two years, from 800 million at the beginning of 2011 to slightly more than 1 billion at the end of 2012. PC sales declined in the same time frame. Smartphones aren’t the only devices with accesses to the mobile Internet, however. Tablet device shipments continue to skyrocket, reaching nearly 1.2 billion shipments in 2012 and have proven to be the most-used device for mobile reading and content consumption.

One of the reasons tablets are becoming increasingly popular in households globally is because prices have steadily dropped since their inception in 2010. The average price for the latest iPad is currently less than $500, and other tablets are available in the $150 to $350 range. Shipment of tablet devices is expected to reach 200 million by the end of 2013 and nearly 450 million come 2016.

Mobile devices allow consumers the freedom to access the Internet anywhere. They search competing prices and product reviews in-store, influencing their mobile shopping habits. In addition, consumers receive news and social media alerts along with e-mails helping raise engagement levels with brands, businesses and service providers. Lacking a mobile presence will eliminate you from growing and engaging in continuous conversations with your current and potential consumers on mobile platforms.