Is it true that iPhone users form larger groups compared to users of other mobile devices? Which email addresses are shown to prefer more wild night activities with their friends?

Or can we identify which people usually splurge on these night-outs? 

A recent study conducted by UK-based event booking agency, released by, suggests that iPhone users have more friends than users of other mobile devices. Their statistics, sampled from a total of 97,074 people, suggest that iPhone users have the largest average stag size of 15 plus. Google Nexus and Samsung S2 owners, for example, were shown to have the smallest group size with only up to five people.

The data also showed different results for popular night activities by mobile phone network and email addresses. When compared, Vodafone customers showed the highest proportion of lap dance activity enquiries over O2 who favoured nightclub entry and Tesco Mobile with the most for comedy clubs. Meanwhile, groups using their AOL email addresses are said to most likely to book a visit strip clubs. Users of email accounts from Gmail, Sky, Hotmail, or their personal accounts are, on the other hand, more likely to book activities based around pub crawls, eating out and nightclub entry.

We could see that this link to email addresses also reveals expenditure patterns and destination choice. The that people using their work emails tend to spend the most on stag weekends compared to stingy AOL users. Moreover, work email users were found to travel the furthest when it comes to Europe stag do destinations.

Lastly, this technology focused data set suggests internet browsers also have influence over packages chosen. Safari users prove their adventurous streak booking more ‘wet and wild’ packages over food and drink and ball sport activities with respect to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome comparisons.

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