According to Google, 44% of last minute gift searches will come from mobile phones this holiday season. This means that websites that haven’t been optimized for mobile phone use can lose out on almost 45% of potential holiday sales. Staggering numbers by anyone’s standards.

If you’ve ever visited a site that hasn’t gone mobile, you already know that it can appear jumbled, hard to access, and too frustrating to bother with overall. If you don’t have a mobile website that allows your customers to easily locate your products, services, hours, and location, and even enables purchasing directly from their phones, you could be costing your business profit, customers, and long-term success.

The good news is that there’s still time to hop aboard the holiday profit train. Check out the tips below for ways you can maximize your company’s profit this holiday season with a mobile website and more.

•    Invest in a mobile website. A mobile website will not only enhance your conversion rates during the holiday season, but it’ll help increase your sales year-round, too. Whether a customer needs to quickly access your website to see if you carry what they’re looking for or they want to purchase your product right then and there, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, they’ll move on to one that is.

•    Entice your customers with seasonal social media deals. Since people of all ages are accessing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare from their phones and computers, posting seasonal social media content is a great idea. Update your social media sites on a daily basis by promoting your seasonal specials and upcoming events. Include a link to your website when applicable to drive traffic.

•    Make your company stand out with QR codes. QR codes contain hidden information that can only be viewed when scanned with your mobile phone. Maybe you’d like to advertise a holiday special or tell your customers more about an upcoming event—either way, using a QR code to promote your holiday specials, events, and company information is a new and exciting way to boost your seasonal sales.

Even Santa’s doing all his holiday shopping on his phone this year (Source)