Vocalcom Review – Customer support agents will appreciate the flexibility that Vocalcom provides, while their managers will appreciate the results that it delivers

In order for businesses to make their call centers profitable, they need to utilize contact center software that’s fast, powerful, and easy to manage. Vocalcom fits all three of these descriptions, providing businesses with a way to deliver fast customer service within a unified agent environment where sensitive data is kept completely in-house.

In this Vocalcom review, I will describe the main features of the next-generation of contact center software & cloud call center solution and explain how businesses can use the platform to make their agents more productive. I also plan to describe how Vocalcom’s user interface works, along with offering a complete understanding of the company’s pricing structure and support capabilities.

Vocalcom Review – About the Solution

Designed for call center professionals, by call center professionals, Vocalcom’s contact center software provides businesses with inbound, outbound, blended, and multi-channel service solutions. The completely scalable platform gives agents complete control over their processes. Call center managers and supervisions are differentiated from agents, enabling these professionals to directly customize their practices to benefit their companies in the ways they see fit. Using Vocalcom makes agents more productive, and it enhances the effectiveness of salespeople along with operational efficiency gains.

Main Functionality of Vocalcom

When it comes to inbound contact center software, Vocalcom is hard to beat. The software solution offers intelligent routing, which enables agents to bring their most important customers to the top of the queue and route challenging questions to high-level staffers with expertise in certain areas. Vocalcom tracks the frequency of calls from specific numbers, and moves repeat callers to the head of the queue, as well.

After all urgent matters have been handled, Vocalcom reverses course and goes back to missed calls. The solution’s call back feature automatically prompt agents to use daily down times to reach out to any customers whose calls they may have missed by offering outdial calls as soon as those agents become available.

Vocalcom’s outbound features are equally impressive. The software’s predictive dialer algorithm maximizes agent productivity by starting the dialing process on multiple lines simultaneously and passing calls off to the appropriate agents at the very moment those agents are ready to work. Vocalcom even provides answering machine screening for agents. Using this feature, companies can automatically leave custom voice messages on their customers’ answering machines, and any inbound calls that result from those messages are routed to the specific agent whose name was used.

Benefits of Using Vocalcom

Vocalcom’s powerful platform makes call center agents more efficient and effective, and it doesn’t require any formal IT training to set up. Because Vocalcom was designed for the cloud, businesses don’t have to worry about installing software or hardware to begin using the platform. Using an SaaS call center solution also eliminates the need for businesses to purchase, maintain, or upgrade their systems. Vocalcom is available at a predictable monthly cost, with no maintenance fees or add-on charges for upgrades.

Another major benefit to using Vocalcom involves flexibility. Vocalcom understands that no two businesses are the same, and different agents work in different ways. The system capitalizes on these differences with flexible options meant to empower agents to sell and support customers in the ways that they, and their managers, see fit. Research has shown that personalized customer service is extremely effective; especially for businesses looking to cross-sell services or improve client loyalty.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Visit the Supervisor Module to monitor all activity in your call centers on one screen. Click on the list of call center staffers to view the activity of any of your agents. As the supervisor, you have the ability to observe your agents, track their web browsing histories, and record calls. Voicemails, conversations, emails, and social networking interactions can all be tracked, as well.

Supervisor module

Within the interactive voice response editor (IVR), you can create interactive response scenarios in real-time. The intuitive interface is easy to use, and completely customizable. Just select from Vocalcom’s library of pre-defined objects to use in the IVR design process. These objects make it possible for you to create IVR scenarios that are either simple or complex.

Interactive voice response editor (IVR)

Support Information

It should be a given that call center software solutions always provide excellent support, but that isn’t always the case. Thankfully with Vocalcom, users have access to 24/7 support from experienced customer service agents. Vocalcom also offers an extensive library of video demonstrations, along with case studies and research reports, which new users will find useful when getting started with the SaaS tool.

Pricing Information

Vocalcom offers subscription pricing plans that start at $39 per month. Free trials are also available, with no credit card required.

Vocalcom Review – The Bottom Line

Vocalcom stands apart from competitors by offering complete flexibility and scalability, along with a vast array of integrations with popular platforms like Salesforce. The company has truly created a smarter means of multi-channel customer service. This is, at least in part, due to Vocalcom’s willingness to provide support for next generation communication mediums like SMS, email, and chat, along with social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. Customer support agents will appreciate the flexibility that Vocalcom provides, while their managers will appreciate the results that this cloud-based platform delivers.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5