Have you wondered about visitor management software? I have.

This week, I had the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity by reviewing Visitor Management – a solution that streamlines the process of receiving visitors into your lobby or reception area and makes it efficient. In this Visitor Management review, we will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you.

The Logistics Of Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management from Time & People Pty Ltd is a visitor/contractor checking software. As simple as that may sound, there are two parts to the solution.

The front end, which is visible to receptionists and security personnel, deals with visitor/contractor checking including rights of access. Using the front end, you can view the number of visitors due to visit your facility based on time periods. You can also manage ancillary activities such as car parking, messages, and record visits to and from specific areas (such as medical rooms) within your facility. There are some nifty features associated with the solution. For example, using the software you can install a self-checking facility for your visitors using the software. You can also generate two different types of label using the visitor management software. The first label is printed with your organization name while the second is printed without your organization name but includes a photo of the visitor.

For busy reception areas or lobbys you can include a touch screen kiosk allowing visitors and contractors to self check in, as soon as they check in a SMS and or email is sent to the host alerting them of your arrival.

The second component of Visitor Management software integrates the backend with the frontend. This component has several uses. For example, you can configure the software to send text messages to concerned employees, once their visitors have arrived. In addition, you can generate important analytics related to visitors in your facility.

Visitor Management Software includes Contractor Management and Induction Management as add on modules. Other features well suited to large organisations with thousands of employees or contractors include LDAP integration.

Visitor Management

One of the more intriguing use cases for the software involves the solution’s mobile application. You can use the solution’s smartphone application to scan RFID cards and track visitor movement throughout your premises.

The ability to complete on the spot Photo ID checks with any person on your location is an importnat feature for higher security locations.

This can be especially helpful in cases that involve zoning off high security area based on usage tracking. Finally, you can also configure contractor notifications within the solution. This feature enables you to generate notifications during contractor entry and departure. The benefit of this feature is that you can accurately map and track contractor visits

Visitor Management

Pros & Cons

The greatest benefit to using the application relates to its multiple use cases. Whether it is installing self-checking on your premises or managing visitor entry with your receptionist and security, Visitor Management software has multiple uses. I especially liked the fact that you can generate interesting and useful analytics related to visitor management. Other benefits and use cases, which may not be immediately evident, are also possible. For example, the solution’s smartphone app can be excellent resource for zoning off high-security areas or, simply, tracking specific visitors. The application can also be used in induction management to familiarize new employees with your facility. This can be especially helpful in the context of manufacturing facilities.

As with anything else, improvements are possible. For example, the interface can be made more attractive through bold colors and less clutter. Similarly, including more reports related to visitor statistics (such as demographics and times) might lead to better visitor management practices and processes.


Pricing for Visitor Management software is predicated on the number of visitors, locations, and features available in the solution. The application uses a subscription model. This means that you pay on a monthly basis and, also, per user, starting from $25 per month.

The Bottom Line

Frankly, I did not know that visitor, contractor management was complex. Reviewing the solution opened my eyes to the possibilities of visitor, contractor management. Even if you are a small business with constrained resources, I would recommend this solution for better customer service.