Where do you see your online world in 4 years? Maybe you’ll be more reliant on your smartphone or trade your laptop in for an iPad, but either way, there’s no question that the mobile Internet is having a massive impact on the way consumers and businesses connect online.

This infographic video from NeoLabels, titled “Digital Life: Today and Tomorrow,” explores how our digital lives might be different in 2015. We’re already seeing huge numbers of social media, online video, and mobile users.  And as this video illustrates, the adoption of these online tools and applications will only continue to multiply.

The massive shift toward mobile shown in the video is especially poignant. One stat claims that the mobile-only Internet population will grow from 14 million in 2010 to 788 million globally in 2015, showing just how ingrained mobile devices will be in our day to day lives.

What does this mean for your local business? Has mobile already impacted your business operations and online marketing? How do you see your business changing to adapt to this explosive trend?

And, will the Internet in 2015 be so different from today after all?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Author: Tamara Farley helps equip small business owners with information about local online advertising, social media marketing, and more as a blogger for ReachCast and ReachLocal.